Sunday, June 19, 2011

terkejut kowt!!

this post was meant for,
the special no is for her...

18 jun was her birthday..
it's still not too late
for me to wish,

better late thn never,ryte??

anyway,u called me!!
and i was like,
"should i answer it??"

without hesitated,
i pushed the green button...


"boleh call balik x??"

and i was like...
like seriously??
she did called me??
i mean,after a while kowt...

(ambil gambar curi2 masa camping last yr... :D )

Najihah Asyyiqin Marzuki or 0000,
(see??i remember ur name...)
i do miss you
bt nt really much la..
i do miss the moments
of us...

bangun sahur....
robotic times...
stay up...
school hours...

and the way you act 
on the weeks b4 i quited...
u ignored me!!

 i do and really wish to go
back at tht time...
but what's done cnnt be undone..

dear ieya,
maybe i'm not gud 
with words...
and so on....u name it la..
and maybe i'm so heartless??
bt seriously!!
i do remember u...

ingat x masa robotik ni??
gaduh2 sampai la
ada org tu,nangis2 balik frm cube..
then,trus naek honolulu...
salah siapa ey??

miss the times
when me,you,syafiq and sappy
were together...

(this pic masa end of year kan??)

i know tht this doesn't sound like me,
but then,u know me better la kan??

da~ :D

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