Tuesday, July 26, 2011

U see the L of BM??

today,i've to present
my ULBM,
it stands fr,Ujian Lisan Bahasa Melayu.

i don't have time to prepare fr it,
and yet i'm the first one to do it.
act,my turn was supposed to be the third,
bt since the first and second candidates,
didn't turn up,
so i have to go on first la kan??

my title was,

"Penggunaan telefon bimbit di sekolah membawa kebaikan"

(my kura2's phone)

and i was the opposition...
haha!!so hypocrite la..
i bring phone too to school,
(even if i switched it off throughout the day)\
bt still la kan..
i shouldn't oppose the motion..

it has already passed.
nvm la..

"najihah farhana mmg hypocrite pn,kan??"

like those who used to say tht...
wtv la..
that's it..

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