Thursday, August 4, 2011

chemistry lab~

today,i did an experiment..
of chemistry..
bt tht's nt the point.

act,i want to say tht,
i get to touch HCL with my own hand..
i mean,it's nt direct la..
coz i did wear the gloves and goggles...
bt still,
it was my hand in the fume chamber..

bt anyway,
it was my first time,
using a concentrated acid..
even if it's in an experiment..

my HEP said tht the exp might be
since we're using many solutions..
and some of it might cause explosion
when react with certain chemical...

yesterday,i made a newspaper report on

"great explosion in school lab"

it's gud tht it doesn't happen in reality..
i mean,i'm a severe 
mentally retarded people..
that's why la..hehe!!

ok!!that's it..da~

i want to say tht i've fallen in love la..
senang citer,
'jatuh cinta suda..'
hihi!!bt nt to myself la..

act,it's the HCL acid...hehe!!

so now,
me as najihah farhana,
want to declare tht i dun love myself,
as much as b4,anymore..
(i still love myself,ok??since no one loves me..)