Friday, August 19, 2011


These are a list of questions tht people keep asking me..won’t answer it after ths..

1.why is it ‘apam’??

I’ve been answering ths question many times already..
It all happened on one fine day,
When me and my dormates
Were unpacking our stuffs,
Coz we just got back frm our night outing.

I was eating ths kuih apam,
When one of my dormates said to me,

najihah,kau suka makan apam ke?

Beliau pn dgn tiba2 menjerit!!

korang2!!kita panggil dia apam la..sbb batch kita
pn ada sorang lagi ‘najihah’ kan??

So,that’s the story la..haha!!

2.why do u really like to eat?

Let me be la!!fat people like me should eat more,ryte??durh~

3.why mr.handsome?

Urm,since I’m nt beautiful or pretty or cute or wtv,
I prefer to call myself as handsome la kan??c’mon!
Everyone need some compliment fr themselves,ryte?

4.why do u like to be guys?

Due to some reasons,which I can’t tell la..
Bt I’ve already state in my earlier2 post,
If I found a guy who cn change me,
I’ll change la.. +_=”
(as if that’s going to happen la kan??)

5.apam anti guys ke??


6.why dun u like English,apam?

I dun like English because I don’t like
Those grammar rules!huh~
That’s why I always my English teachers,
Always write,
‘Improve your grammar’
On my essays paper…haha!!

Perhaps,someone can teach me those grammar thingy??
It would be great!!

7.why are u acting so annoying and mean?

Ouh!it is my behavior-since-born…haha!
Most of my friends got irritated with me
During those old times in my previous school..

8.why blogging if there’s no one who read?

Lah!suka hati saya la..ths is my blog.nt yours,ok?
(annoying x jawapan dye??) u have a boyfriend?

Ok!ths is one of the weird Q’s tht I hate to answer.
Should someone like me have a boyfriend??no la kan?
Bt,I do have many guyfriends..
Afterall,my best friends are mostly guys!haha!

10.are u spoilt??

Haha!!and again,haha!!no,I’m nt!who told u tht?
Stop slandering me la..i’m nt spoilt.
U guys cn ask my family abt it!
No doubt,seriously!

Ok,that’s all folks!!da~
Sekian terima kasih.. ;)

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