Saturday, August 6, 2011


i spent 3 hrs looking fr shoes
and all i get was nothing!!
and yet,my bro got his shirts
and pants too..

why is ths happening to me??
why am i being so picky??
act,ths yr
i made a deal with myself,
nt to wear 
HEELS during aidilfitri..
i was thinking to buy 
a pair of sneakers
fr tht occasion..
told ya i am a guy,right??

bt then,
my mom thought tht i want to buy
a pair of high heels shoes.
so,she brought me to those kind of shops la kan..
so,i told her tht i want to wear sneakers.
and she said,

"mana ada orang raya pakai kasut cmtu??"

"bukan ramai je ke??"

haha!!and lastly she told me to buy,
wedges plak..
nvm,i'll think abt it later..

terkejut semua orang kalau najihah farhana,
pakai kasut macam ini..adess..

well,as fr my dad,
he took me to a Scholl shop..
and show me a pair of shoes.
bt i told him,

"nnti,mesti ibu terkejut karang!!"

afterall,i dun wear expensive shoes la..
i just couldn't afford it..
and the fact tht,
i never use branded things.

u see, my house is in the middle
of the JUNGLE!!
so,how could we afford to buy
those kind of stuff??

guess what did i have fr breaking fast

it is asam pedas..
cooked by my mom..

and also curry noodles..
also made by mom..

i have pulut and serawa durian fr dessert..
like again??
ouh,ths is so great!!

urm,that's it la..da~

p/s:best nya makan tempe dan sambal kicap..
sedap ouh!!
(side meal ni..)

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