Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my marks~

gonna talk abt my marks today.


boleh la..alhamdulillah,i didn't fail.

en saleh didn't tell us yet.


mati lah...awat hang truk sangat ni??
haishh!!ni yg cheq x puas hati.
awat lah jadi lagu ni,najihah farhana??
ni yg buat cheq rasa segheyau nih.
kalau boleh,
rasa nak teriak je kowt??  :'(

pape je la.
i care bt i don't want to show it,anyway.

yesterday,abah came.
he sent me a few things la.
and i got mcd too!!
well,i only want the FRIES!!!

i love fries..ngee~
since i didn't get to break my fast yesterday
with FOOD,
so,i went fr tomyam at the cafe
with my dad.
bt he's eating big mac la.

the fries???
ouh.that was for sahur la.

i found out tht,
these guys are going to attend,
some sort of camping at Lanchang.

thought tht it would be great.
and i was abt to envy them.
bt suddenly,
when i take a look at their timetable,
talks and practical,i think??
bt,most are theory la...

it's gud tht i didn't join them.haha!!
gonna go to Ipoh,anyway. ;)

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s:just got my phone la.
cmne credit bleh banyak ni,tetiba??
maybe,my dad top it up kowt??
pape je la..

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