Thursday, December 8, 2011

u're so CUTE~


u're so cute..
freaking CUTE..
stop being so cute la..

what had happen to u?
how did u became tht cute?
is it because of food tht u consumed?
the surroundings?
OR is it tht u're naturally cute?

don't worry.
u're nt tht fat.
i'm the fat one here..

i wish tht cute cat like GARFIELD,
can be found in real life..
i mean,i met one,
bt it's nt as fat as garfield.
wish i could have garfield as my pet... :)

wait a sec...
i don't like pets.
to make it worst,
i don't really like cats too.
i have a bad memory with tht animal la..

if i found a cat as cute as garfield,
as CLEAN as garfield,
most cat doesn't have shower,bt garfield do.
as big as its too..
i would try to like cats..

i know.i know.
don't have to say tht LOUD..
tht kind of cat doesn't exist.
stop dreaming, NAJIHAH FARHANA.
it ain't real..

anyway,that's it la..
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s:watched garfield movie on tv2.. 

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