Friday, April 27, 2012

my love~

i accidentally read this english novel..
it's an e-book actually.

tetiba rasa nak panggil semua orang,
my love la plak??
nanti semua orang perasan,
ye la!
panggilan tersebut hanya untuk
memperasankan mereka.

saya sememangnya ada masalah,
bcoz i've been loving myself,
that i forgot how to love my friends.

it all starts when i suddenly thought,
i won't be meeting these friends anymore
after SPM...
they'll be far away,
some might go to overseas.
or continue their studies in any university.

it all come to my senses,
that I,
Najihah Farhana,
need to appreciate my friends starting from now!

but i think i already did,
which is calling them,
some might interpret it as sayang,
but i prefer to meant it as saudara/saudari. ;)
it's how i respect my friends la.

that's all i need to say.
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s : i want to call myself, MY LOVE la..

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