Wednesday, July 17, 2013

home sweet home~

it's full of dust here..

*blow *blow
well, it's better now..

went back home a few days ago.
it was great.
got plenty of food la..
and not the junk food, though..
they're food that can make me full..

people say,
it's more meaningful if u can fast at home,
together with ur family.
well, i admit that's true,
but i think if u're not fasting (if u get what i mean),
and u're at home,
it might be better too!!

got plenty of food,
so what?
at the hostel,
u can't have that kind of food.
therefore, indulge in them..

and the fact that it's ramadan now,
it made me remember about something.
well, i forgot things easily
since my memory ain't that good,
but i will remember the one that left me
quite a big impression..

i did say that i won't do 'that' again, right?
i hope that i won't..
really hope so..
in sya Allah..

i hope that this will be the time,
for a hijrah..
it's gonna be hard to become a better person,
but i gotta try, right?

that's it. so,da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)