Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hello there! So at the age of 21+, I happened to be scammed by these travel agents. 😐

So, I planned to go to Osaka Japan in March 2017. So I bought ticket from them around November 2016. I've never bought ticket via agent cause abah always remind me to buy from the website.

Actually, it was not that cheap. A return ticket to Osaka cost rm700++. A friend of mine bought it around rm500++. However, considering the actual price is rm1100 at AirAsia website, I decided to buy from the travel agent. 

Long story short, I heard about them not able to buy the ticket around February. They started to not update their Instagram as frequently as before. That moment is when I realised that, I got scammed. Lol.

On top of that osaka trip, I also bought ticket for bandung trip which was supposed to be in June. Paid for my Osake trip by my own money, but the Bandung one is Ibu's money. Imagine how furious Ibu get when she learnt about this scam thing. And the Bandung tickets cost RM 1200 for 4 people on the 5th day of Raya this year. It was supposed to be RM1600 on the website.

So, they promised me refund in March, then April, then May. Last week, I asked them about the new refund schedule but they don't have the answer as well. I actually don't mind about my rm700, but Ibu wants that rm1200 back. Because that's quite a lot for our family.

I just hope this case get settled as soon as possible. I heard that they've been going to the court and stuff to sue that main company W**. 

Above all, I still cannot believe that for someone as cautioned as me, got scammed like this. 😱  I don't even trust people around me, but I trusted that stranger selling ticket just because the testimonies were all nice. And one of my friend also travel with them, so I thought that my trip would be true. 

However, it turns out this way. Hmmm.

Friday, February 10, 2017

rudy habibie~

So, yup. This time I'm gonna do a film review. Well, last time I always did so on facebook, but since my posts were not public, so I guess the point of writing a review does not reach the audience.

Well, it's been a while since I want to watch this movie. However, due to abundance of ongoing korean dramas, I did not have time to watch it. But, last week, when I was lazying around at home, nothing to do, I figured that I could have watched it.

This movie is quite nice, written magnificently. It really shows how this man, who is studying overseas deal with his conflicts being an Indonesian as well as a student. The plot is magnificent, I guess, though I kind of like the love story part, where they couldn't be together. I don't know. Maybe I was destined to be a relationship breaker or something, but I like those kind of story.

Back to the main plot, this guy studied overseas, financed by his family. Unlike others on scholarship, he's not bound to anything, and that's what makes him so fearless. Though I would rather say that he's reckless. I do, however, admire him for his boldness.

If I were to compare our situation, yeah somewhat the same. We students are limited with many things, so it's hard for us to go against the administration or even the authority, no matter how big or how small the organization is.

This movie also shows how the family sacrifice for the sake of their son's study. Well, I personally know that my parents themselves, do a lot of things for me, and I'm really grateful for them. But in this movie, the hardship is portrayed well. Their family was having financial problem and yet have to support him as well. And we all knows that studying overseas requires a lot of money, so unless your family are very rich, or you got a scholarship, you won't be going there.

Regarding the love story, it's between two people with different nationalities, religion and thoughts. Surely, they won't be together, they can but it's hard. Macam lagu OST dia kata,
"kau dan aku tak bisa bersama"
or you and me can't be together
(Tapi heroin dia macam chantek la juga. Boleh la)

When I was form 4 or form 5, a friend of mine, A told me that our friend, M, Malay, Muslim boy, had a crush on a Chinese girl, C in our school. Even this one friend of mine who kinda like M, afraid to approach him since he like C. This C is a really kind person. Even my Ibu said that she's very nice. I also think that she's nice so no wonder M do like her. I don't know about their story now, since we're not in contact, anymore.

But, I do hope that they'll end up together.

In the past, I used to tell myself that I must marry an English man, doesn't matter American, British or France but he must be someone from overseas. And we'll end up learning Islam altogether. Haha! Entah. Susah kowt. I myself am not that religious, how can I convince someone to be a Muslim and practicing it? Therefore, I have forsaken that dream. LOL.

But yeah, you guys should watch this movie. I'll give it 4 over 5 for the conflicts and stuff. However, if you're into action movie, you'll think that this movie is boring. Haha! So, don't watch and give bad review when you yourselves don't like the genre.

Friday, February 3, 2017

cari jodoh~

Bila umur dah meningkat ni, satu benda yang hangpa x boleh lari punya. KAHWIN.

Haha! Dalam family kita, along and adik, alhamdulillah, macam da jumpa depa punya pilihan hati.

Tinggal kita sorang je la, single since born. Lol.

Dulu2 masa sekolah, ibu kata jangan ada boyfriend apa semua. Sampai sekarang duk pegang agaknya.

Well, I'm not really a good daughter pun, tapi this one thing memang dengar betul2 la. (padahal xde orang minat, lol)

Bila tengok budak 2 orang tu selalu dating, I don't really feel like finding mine. well sorang tu dah bertunang kalau ikutkan. tapi adat melayu kan, nak majlis besar2 la bagai. Hadoi!

It's like I'm not interested at all with this whole marriage thing. Tapi tu lah, they said "Nabi x mengaku umat kalau x nak kahwin"

I don't know. x rasa macam nak confirmkan benda tu. I'll just believe it la.

Kahwin ni mahal. Kita kan kedekut. Haha! Kalau buat kecik2, confirm kena kutuk dengan those makcik2. I don't really mind tapi nenek dengan ibu memang pantang orang mengata family kami.

Belum lagi, ada orang-orang yang,
"dapat orang mana?"
"lah awat dapat orang negeri tu?"
"kerja apa orangnya?"
"cari la yang setaraf sikit"
"hantarannya berapa?"

I personally feel that I couldn't commit myself to marriage. I wanna be free as I am now. I wanna spend as much as I want on myself and my family.

I can't even imagine how it would be if I ever get married. And my temper is a bit bad, and I'm a bit on the tough side kowt. Takut pula kalau gaduh dengan mr husband, dia kena belasah ke apa. I mean, you heard about it a lot, nowadays. Wife using violence. I'm afraid that it could be my future. Haha!

Parents, nenek, orang kampung, sahabat handai semua sibuk bertanya, "x berpunya lagi ke?"
selalunya jawab "ramai sangat. tak tahu nak pilih mana satu"
I consider that as a safe answer.

And another thing is that, I know myself well. I know no one could stand me and my antics except my family. My personality is very different when I'm with friends or family. I also don't want to destroy someone's else life. Haha!

So, yup. For the time being, I love being single. Please don't ask me about benda2 ni lagi. Penat nak jawab. Fuh~ Jangan ditanya kenapa x mencari. 😂

8th day: Gimpo Airport, Incheon, KLIA2

11th August 2016

Nothing much during last day. Just took flight to Gimpo, luggage from storage, and took flight back to Malaysia. Had lunch at the fast food (7500w for shrimp burger), not sure where the halal restaurant is located at incheon. Met another group of friends; F, A and W. We took the same flight from Malaysia, also the same one back but we did not travel together. Lol.

Refunded the T-money, only spent 30000w roughly so got extra 20000w. Yeah!

Total spent in Korea : rm2132 
Flight AA + luggage + meal : RM800 (700++, don’t remember)
Refund : rm74

Final total: rm3006 (without snacking and shopping)

The currency rate was rm3.73 for 1000won. I exchanged rm2700 and got 729000won instead.

Honestly, the whole expenditure was sponsored by my beloved abah (hehe!), including flight ticket. I did try to save money but I couldn't. Haha! Tipu je pakai duit sendiri, susah payah kumpul duit la. 😂

Well, I think my budget could be improved if you really want to go very backpacker style, around rm2500? I am quite flexible cause I spent when I think I should. And I actually spend a lot on expensive things like zipline, kickboard, teddy bear museum. And also my budget included one meal a day outside. That's cheap, I think. I don't go starving, I cannot do that. 

Plus, I don't really need to watch out for my expenditure, so the trip was really fun! I did a few reading on Google and you can't possibly spend only rm3000 on a trip to Seoul and Jeju Island. Therefore, it was a success! Yeah! (Well, maybe there is, but it must have been a different itinerary compared to us)

I did buy a lot of facial masks, facial product and kpop merchandise so that's a separate issue. I'll surely go there once again, in sya Allah, solo trip. But not in the nearest future la. I want to go to the other two most wanted places, first. It was 8days trip Seoul and Jeju Island, from 4th-11th August 2016. I planned the itinerary myself, referring from other people tips and writing. And did the tour on our own.

I hope my writing could help any of you who want to go to Seoul and Jeju.

7th day: seongsan ilchubong, seopjikoji, manjanggul cave, maze

10th August 2016, Wednesday

We planned to go see the sunrise, supposed to be at 5.50am, however, all of us can’t seem to wake up. After those 5 hot nights (refer 1st day), we finally get to stay at a place with aircond. Me and N eventually woke up at 6am then we go direct to Seongsan Ilchubong, though we passed the time for sunrise. 

It’s written there that people who come after 7am, must pay 2000w but luckily we came before that, don’t have to pay. I think I took an hour to go up, N got to the top first. I told her to just abandon me cause I surely take longer times. Not fit enough, I need few rests along the way. 

                                                        not really taken from the top. Maybe halfway?

After the tiring hike, we later went to Seopji Hanyeouijip Restaurant, located about 15min from Seongsan Ilchubong. It was a bit difficult to find the place. The phone number brought us to other different place. We wanted to just give up, but suddenly this one auntie was kind enough to show us the way. She went with us, riding the car, but later she just walked on her own to her house. We’re really grateful as she help us though she does not speak English. 

                                           dekat dengan laut.

                                       eja guk tapi diorang sebut 'juk'

Had crab porridge for breakfast. The portion is big. One bowl can be shared by 2 people. It taste like crab, but it really does not match my palate. I don’t want to eat that again. Both of us couldn’t finish the food as it was too much. 

After that, we went back to guesthouse and saw the uncle at the mart. We were looking for banana uyu (milk) but he does not have it. Instead he gave us the coffee. I checked with halal app, but it seems there’s nothing wrong with the ingredients. And the coffee was not so strong, my stomach’s good. 

subhanallah. so pretty.

Checked out at 10am then we went to Seopjikoji, parking rate is 1000w. Ride the horse there for 20min, 5000w. It’s just riding in circle, but I never ride one, so it was ok. Bought grilled octopus 7000w and shared it with N. But we couldn’t finish it. It’s really, freshly grilled. Maybe? I don’t think it was marinated. Actually, this place is not that far from the place where we went for breakfast, so it’s like making a u-turn. Lol.

kesian kuda ni kena bawa kita yang berat. 😔

Wanted to visit Songeup Folk Village, but we couldn’t find the place. We instead found Jeju Folk Village but there’s an entrance fee of 10000w so we decided not to go in. After all, I’m not much of a kampung person. Hihi. So we went to Manjanggul Cave, it’s cool in there, feels like they have aircond. I mean, I once went to Gua Tempurung and Gua Kandu in Malaysia, and it was not that cool. It’s dark and after getting inside, you need to return back to the entrance using the same route you used when going inside. 

After that, we went to face the heat at Gimnyeong Maze Park. 

                                      Ring the bell once you got out. 😜

Thank goodness that the maze is made of trees so it was not that hot. There’s a map of the maze that will take you 10mins but to challenge myself, I did not do that. I think I took half an hour or less, alone. And this place got a lot of cats at the entrance. The fee is 3300w. 

Since it was Asr already, we checked in into our guesthouse. The house was super nice. We got a room with double queen mattress and a clean toilet. The tv in the room was quite clear and large. I also get to watched tv with the owner at the common room. Booked from Agoda, Jeju Gillime Pension. There’s another pension near the one that we stayed so we actually mistook that one as ours, at first. 

The owner was really nice too. He thought that we did not drive ourselves so he offered to drive us to the nearest restaurant for dinner. He even ordered for us some raw fish bimbimbap with ‘sup telur ikan’ (?) , I’m not sure. He ordered 2 set for us and we shared them. Paid 10000w per person. We already told him that we can only eat seafood, and cannot eat/drink alcohol.

x berapa kena tekak kita, tapi habis juga last2 tu. Raw fish tu x boleh makan (xboleh terima rasa dia), tapi bibimbap no problem.

                   met this friend from China travelling alone. She stayed at same guesthouse with us.

After the dinner, all of us were looking for mart to buy banana uyu to bring back to Malaysia. It was very cheap in Korea, 4 bottles only cost 3800w. I bought once in this Korean mart in Ampang, and one bottle cost almost rm10. So, we returned to the pension to take the car with us and googled around that there’s a large Martro which is not too far. 

I bought 4 carton with me, and we put them inside the box outside Martro. We kept the wrapped box in the fridge at the common room and turns out someone like it and took one of the bottle. Maybe they thought that the drink was prepared by the owner. After the uyu things settle, we went to MangoSix Cafe to try the delicious mango coconut featured in The Heirs. Well, the one featured was the branch in Gangnam but the taste is the same, anyway, I think so. We also refuel the car for 38000w.

Total : 10000w (porridge) + 250w (parking) + 5000w (horse) + 2000w (cave) + 3300w (maze) + rm68 (pension) + 10000w (dinner) = rm181

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

6th day: hallasan, jusangjeolli, cheonjeyeon fall, teddy bear

9th August 2016, Tuesday

Our day starts as early as 5.30 am. Took the taxi that we booked the night before. We used international taxi, the driver can speak english well. Total was 17000w from our studio to Gimpo Airport, took roughly 30mins. Our flight was at 6.25am. Nasib sempat check in apa semua. We took Eastar Jet, with return fare 77000w, quite cheap. We booked 4 months prior, and everyone need to register at the website to get such price. 

Arrived at airport at 7.30am. Then, go to the rental company by shuttle. We booked from KT Kumho/Lotte Rent-A-Car. I have surveyed lot of places and apparently, this company offer the cheapest rate. It was supposed to be 124800w for 3 days, however due to some miscommunication we had to pay more, which was 133000w (if not mistaken). 

The tips is that, the driver with IDP (international driving permit) must be the one who register in the website and booked the car online. And supposely the driver must have the credit card since the payment cannot be made cash. I did not know about this, but luckily one of us had credit card under her name. If no credit card, you cannot book the car. I did not know that since when I made the booking online, there was nothing to pay and nothing was mention. Fuh~

we only reached somewhere at the red line. Lol.

Then, we go direct to Hallasan National Park, following Yeongsil trail. It’s supposed to be one of the shortest trail but we failed to make it. We just went maybe less than half of the journey, one-third of it? Lol. Semput dan x larat. Paid 2000w for parking. Then, we made our way to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, Teddy Bear Museum and Jusangjeolli. Paid 2500 w for the waterfall. 

The teddy bear place was a waste. I went inside alone, I mean, you know how much I like teddy bear, right? But you cannot really touch the bear, or hug it, maybe some of it, but most of it were only for exhibition. Though they also have some kind of shop selling the teddy bear (but it was quite pricey, again). Entrance fee is 10000w and it’s not worth it. Just go somewhere buy some teddy bear. Lol. 

Had chance to perform prayer at parking space, lol. Some people can do it inside the car, but I don’t know. I myself feel not proper to do that. It depends on people. So I ended up doing it standing outside car, under the tree. I brought prayer mat and garments with me. KTO said that there’s a prayer room at Kensington Jeju Hotel but it was actually for staff used. You guys, please don’t go. Haha!

                                          koreans got lot of side dishes.

                           forgot to take the pic from outside, but do remember this interior.

I forgot the name of this one beach we stopped by along the way to next destination. Had early dinner at Yeonsong Galchiyeori, no English sign, I just ask the people around there about the restaurant. Had braised hairtail fish here, the portion is a lot, but the ‘kuah’ or gravy is little, not enough for us four. It was quite tasty. 40000w for 4 person. 

After all the places, we finally arrived at our guesthouse for the night. The room’s is very comfortable, but it’s different from the one I booked on I actually asked for a double queen room but we got a 2 double decker room. But it has bathroom inside, so we don’t have to share with other guest. Sun Flower Minbak Guesthouse is the name, only cost 20000w per person. It’s located 5 min from Seongsan Ilchubong, since we planned to go there to see the sunrise next morning. 

The couples were nice too and the uncle can speak a bit English. I also tried to speak a little Korean with him and he said I speak quite good. Lol. All thanks to the korean dramas that I watched. He also gave me and N a can of coffee each, too, the next morning. 

Total: 4250w (taxi) + 33250w (car) + 77000w (flight) + 750w (parking) + 2500w (waterfall) + 10000w (teddy bear) + 2000w (jusangjeolli) + 10000w (dinner) + 20000w (guesthouse) = 159750w

p/s: Using GPS in Jeju was quite simple, just key in the phone number, and you’re there. At first, our GPS in the rental car uses English but somehow it got changed to Korean after a while. Well, at least we get to learn directions in Korean. Haha!

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

5th day : Everland, Myeongdong

8th August 2016, Monday

We got out of studio early around 6.30am, took Line 2 to Gangnam and wait for the bus to Everland. The queue was long for 7am so we took the one at 7.30am. It took roughly an hour from Gangnam to Everland, cost was 2100w one way. Can also take subway but had to change a couple of times, and there’s also a special tour but that cost a bit. The bus does not reach directly to Everland, had to take shuttle bus to go to Everland or Caribbean Bay. 

                                      not sure but i think these were ticket counter

Bought ticket to Everland a month prior at 11street, paid rm95 per person. It was actually 100++, but I use coupon to have them cheaper. If not, had to pay 48000w, around rm178. what a bargain, I think? And one advice I would give, should bring the name card pocket that can be hang over your neck, cause you need to show the ticket everytime you’re taking any ride. It not, you got to pull out from own pocket and show and keep it safe each time. Such a hassle juga la. Though wearing that dangling thing could be dangerous as it can fly away on the ride.

                                        remember that runningman episode?

Another tips is that, do not play the T express in the morning. Too many people, and got to queue really long. Me and N tried it around 11am and was queuing for almost 2 hours, but the other 2 girls  went for the ride after 2 and they barely need to queue. I was feeling nauseous and getting headache, if not, I would definitely play that again. Didn’t really need to wait long for other rides, maybe around 10min-1hour? 

                                           waiting for t-express

                                       that evil thing.. 😑

And there’s a prayer room in Everland, it’s mixed for both gender. So someone need to keep watch in case there’s a guy who wanna pray. It’s located near the haunted mansion. As for lunch, I had shrimp burger from the fast food place. I would not say it’s halal, so eat at own discretion again. And my friend said that DO NOT eat the ketchup there, cause it’s not halal, contain traces of pork, if I’m not mistaken.

Another ride tips, do not go for double rock spin as your 1st ride. Really spoil your mood. It’s fun but I almost throw up after that ride. And I need few minutes to recover before going for next ride. Another ride to watchout is the rodeo ride. There were not many people playing that, so I tried. I ended up taking a short nap at a bench in front of the ride. The world is spinning and I thought I suddenly have benign positional vertigo (BPPV). Lol.

And that’s the place I lose my beloved shades that abah bought me 3 months prior for my birthday. R.I.P shades.. Haih~ Rolling X-Train was quite fun. Let’s Twist was funny, the staff even sings. Haha! Hurricane was not that thrilling. Mystery mansion was a bit boring. Really. Actually, I was scared cause I thought some ghost were going to pop out our something. So I keep on shutting my eyes. But my friend told me nothing scary throughout the ride. And there’s a rifle (senapang) during the ride, but I don’t know what was the function. Lol.

                          This animal was communicating (sort of talking) with the bus driver. 

I didn’t take on all the rides, but did tried most of it. I got too nauseous, tired, dizzy and even got sick that night. I had high-grade fever. I thought my brain must have been boiling, that night. Since the next day we were supposed to go to Jeju, I ended up taking Panadol, as someone who does not like taking medicine.

My mates did not want to bring their luggage to Jeju, so they stored them at Raon luggage storage, near exit 7 Hongik University station. It’s nearer to AREX line. If not mistaken, it was 10000w per luggage. I don’t have other bag so I just bring my luggage with me to Jeju. I would advice that it’s better if just sent the luggage to delivery service. Later on, just claim the luggage at Incheon/Gimpo Airport. But need to add 15000w for delivery charge. Baypax also offer much cheaper rate 23000w, but need to book online.

Demam2 pun boleh jalan lagi. After sending the luggage, me and N went to Myeongdong to buy a few things. She bought some facial product, while I bought some souvenir for friends and also someone asked to buy the honeystring candy.

Almost got into fight with my travelmates. Actually, I already asked the owner about the earliest taxi in front of the building. He said that, the service usually started at 5am. So I was planning not to book the taxi for the next day. However, I was a bit pissed off when that friend keep on asking me to book for the taxi. I was sick and also I have already told her that there was no need to do that. However, I did gave her the contact number required cause I don’t want to be blamed when things go wrong the next day. You know, maybe the taxi in front of the building is nowhere to be seen, suddenly. 

So, that’s how my day goes. Into the next day… 

Total : 4200w (bus) + rm95 (everland) + 7200w (burger) = rm137

Did you see it? We went to Myeongdong thrice!! Lol. I'm starting to grow fond of that place.

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

4th day: Namsan, Myeongdong, Itaewon, Hangang

7th August 2016, Sunday

We actually planned to go to K Star Road, Gangnam, Apgujeong-Rodeo Street and Garosugil in the morning. However, we instead went to Namsan tower (couldn’t go during 1st day). This time we took the taxi from Myeongdong station, 2500w each, to cable car station. So we do not have to take the Namsan orumi. Ticket for return cable car was 8500w however using apps Seoul Pass, I only paid for 7500w only.

Tower require another 10000w but all of us did not go for it. You can still see Seoul from the base of the tower, also, not much thing to be seen in the morning up there. 

At the base, there were place where you can put your love locks that can be bought for 3000w. However, I bought mine in Malaysia, and it was really cheap. I just lock it there. Lol.

Make a guess? Who's K? 😒

                                                                             Kita kunci kat tepi tangga ni lah. 😎

After that, we walked to Myeongdong, and shop some more. At the underground shopping area, there were a few, cheap kpop merchandise shop. Bought a few things there. And along also asked for some triplets merchandise. Calendar 7000w, button badge 1500w, poster 10000w, and other album as well as postcard.


At this moment, we were separated into two, me and N, and then the other 2. From there, we went to Itaewon for lunch in groups of 2. Me and N went to Makan Halal restaurant and the waiter is a Malay lady. It cost 10000w each for lunch. After that, we went to Itaewon Seoul Central Mosque to perform prayer. They do provide telekung (prayer garments) there. Female area is at 5th floor (not literally but had to take unending stairs). It was too tiring to go from the 1st to upstairs only to find out that there was no ablution area up there. 

The best thing at the masjid is that, the toilet got pipe!!! oh yeah! haha! Met a Dr furthering her study in Korea, there, had small talks with her. And I do want to be like her. I am going to further my study to South Korea in the future, In sya Allah. After the prayer, I took a short nap as it was a tiring day, cause all we did was walking. 

Then, all of us meet again. And we went together to Hangang Park, to ride the bicycle. I don’t know if the bike rental closed on weekend or no one rent a bike these days, so me and N decided to rent the kickboard as it looks awesome and fun. 

The rate is 12000w per hour. I wanna ride the hoverboard but the staff at the rental told me that it’s not for beginners like me. So, I end up playing the kickboard. 

                                      couldn't play this one.. 😔

No worries if you never used it, the staff will teach you the basics. Although I almost ended up running into N as I accidentally pulled the throttle hard. The other two decided to go back to studio early but I want to see the pretty Banpo Rainbow Fountain so N decided to go with me. We walked for almost half an hour as we took the wrong stop. Google lied to us. Please do not do the same mistake like us. And it's not that pretty, I think? Haha! Maybe other place have better illumination or something. 


Again, I had kebab that night but this time, I took on chicken kebab which cost 4000w. Then, we went back to studio. I also do my laundry at midnight since I do not have clothes to wear. I brought only 4 pairs of day clothes.

Total : 7500w (Namsan) + 10000w (lunch) + 12000w (kickboard) + 4000w (kebab) = 33500w

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment.