Friday, February 10, 2017

rudy habibie~

So, yup. This time I'm gonna do a film review. Well, last time I always did so on facebook, but since my posts were not public, so I guess the point of writing a review does not reach the audience.

Well, it's been a while since I want to watch this movie. However, due to abundance of ongoing korean dramas, I did not have time to watch it. But, last week, when I was lazying around at home, nothing to do, I figured that I could have watched it.

This movie is quite nice, written magnificently. It really shows how this man, who is studying overseas deal with his conflicts being an Indonesian as well as a student. The plot is magnificent, I guess, though I kind of like the love story part, where they couldn't be together. I don't know. Maybe I was destined to be a relationship breaker or something, but I like those kind of story.

Back to the main plot, this guy studied overseas, financed by his family. Unlike others on scholarship, he's not bound to anything, and that's what makes him so fearless. Though I would rather say that he's reckless. I do, however, admire him for his boldness.

If I were to compare our situation, yeah somewhat the same. We students are limited with many things, so it's hard for us to go against the administration or even the authority, no matter how big or how small the organization is.

This movie also shows how the family sacrifice for the sake of their son's study. Well, I personally know that my parents themselves, do a lot of things for me, and I'm really grateful for them. But in this movie, the hardship is portrayed well. Their family was having financial problem and yet have to support him as well. And we all knows that studying overseas requires a lot of money, so unless your family are very rich, or you got a scholarship, you won't be going there.

Regarding the love story, it's between two people with different nationalities, religion and thoughts. Surely, they won't be together, they can but it's hard. Macam lagu OST dia kata,
"kau dan aku tak bisa bersama"
or you and me can't be together
(Tapi heroin dia macam chantek la juga. Boleh la)

When I was form 4 or form 5, a friend of mine, A told me that our friend, M, Malay, Muslim boy, had a crush on a Chinese girl, C in our school. Even this one friend of mine who kinda like M, afraid to approach him since he like C. This C is a really kind person. Even my Ibu said that she's very nice. I also think that she's nice so no wonder M do like her. I don't know about their story now, since we're not in contact, anymore.

But, I do hope that they'll end up together.

In the past, I used to tell myself that I must marry an English man, doesn't matter American, British or France but he must be someone from overseas. And we'll end up learning Islam altogether. Haha! Entah. Susah kowt. I myself am not that religious, how can I convince someone to be a Muslim and practicing it? Therefore, I have forsaken that dream. LOL.

But yeah, you guys should watch this movie. I'll give it 4 over 5 for the conflicts and stuff. However, if you're into action movie, you'll think that this movie is boring. Haha! So, don't watch and give bad review when you yourselves don't like the genre.

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