Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hello there! So at the age of 21+, I happened to be scammed by these travel agents. 😐

So, I planned to go to Osaka Japan in March 2017. So I bought ticket from them around November 2016. I've never bought ticket via agent cause abah always remind me to buy from the website.

Actually, it was not that cheap. A return ticket to Osaka cost rm700++. A friend of mine bought it around rm500++. However, considering the actual price is rm1100 at AirAsia website, I decided to buy from the travel agent. 

Long story short, I heard about them not able to buy the ticket around February. They started to not update their Instagram as frequently as before. That moment is when I realised that, I got scammed. Lol.

On top of that osaka trip, I also bought ticket for bandung trip which was supposed to be in June. Paid for my Osake trip by my own money, but the Bandung one is Ibu's money. Imagine how furious Ibu get when she learnt about this scam thing. And the Bandung tickets cost RM 1200 for 4 people on the 5th day of Raya this year. It was supposed to be RM1600 on the website.

So, they promised me refund in March, then April, then May. Last week, I asked them about the new refund schedule but they don't have the answer as well. I actually don't mind about my rm700, but Ibu wants that rm1200 back. Because that's quite a lot for our family.

I just hope this case get settled as soon as possible. I heard that they've been going to the court and stuff to sue that main company W**. 

Above all, I still cannot believe that for someone as cautioned as me, got scammed like this. 😱  I don't even trust people around me, but I trusted that stranger selling ticket just because the testimonies were all nice. And one of my friend also travel with them, so I thought that my trip would be true. 

However, it turns out this way. Hmmm.

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