Saturday, April 20, 2013

interview jpa~

well, i had my interview yesterday.
haha!!it was quite funny fr me..

the first session,
interview berkumpulan.
some of the questions are:
1.introduce urself (typical question)
2.why do u choose the field?
3.what do u think abt malaysian who work
   overseas? to solve discipline cases in school? u think police should be placed in school
   so that less discipline cases?

yeah, that was some of the questions asked.
and then in the second session!!
well, i like it.
it's in bahasa malaysia.
talked a lot and even made my personal conclusion.
and the topic was quite easy.

and last come the hardest part,
the presentation in english.
my english have always been bad,
and I can't explain well in English.
people can't understand me.

and topic was hard.
how Allahyarham Sudirman can bring the sense
of belongness in young generation?
something like that.
Well, all of us had no idea abt the topic.
we don't know what to present and how.

thank goodness the accessor were kind and generous.
they help us and gave some ideas.
but still, it was something really hard for us.
so in the end,
i asked if i could say something..
and they said i can.

i told the accessor that since we discussed abt
Sudirman, it is quite difficult to relate him to
the topic mentioned.
so i gave Yuna as another example.
how she sang that 'Shine Your Way'
with Owl City,
and when the world see her,
they'll know that she come from Malaysia
and also a few other things that I ramble abt.

can't wait for Mara result to come out.
i hope there will be good news.. :D

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


this week has been quite hectic for me.
had petronas interview on saturday.
and got final exam this week.
and yesterday was mara test.
and tomorrow got jpa interview..
i wish I am more relaxed than i am now..haha!

let's start with the petronas interview first.
went there with my parents.
credits for them for coming here and sending me there.
it was a good experience for me, i think?

      panjang giler beratur, siap u-turn kowt?

i'm not so friendly to approach anyone first.
it's not because of ego,
and not because i am sombong, neither.
i'm just a bit shy,
and not so outgoing.
however, when people approach me first,
i will do my best in communicating with them.

and there i was,
alone all the time,
got no new friends,
and didn't get the same group like my other asasifriends
who went there.
and guess what?
my small group consist of 2 chinese, an indian and me,
a Malay??

all of them was speaking in English of course.
and me?
i do not like English, if u know myself well.
it's not that i hate it,
but it was because i fail to speak in English,
most of the time.
it's whether people can't understand me OR
i can't find the right word to explain to them.

the interview was beyond expectation.
i thought it would be very hard.
but they only ask me about...

1.introduce yourself
2.why do you choose geophysics?
3.What is geophysics?
4.The difference between geophysics and geoscience?

that's it..
and then it was the time to present my idea to them.
they only listen, and do not really ask
questions, most importantly,
no difficult questions!!
so it was quite fun.

and there's this test.
the IQ test.
the question was quite hard, though.
one, maybe because it's in English,
so it took times for me to understand,
and analyse critically.

two, i was in zombie mode,
so my brain couldn't function really well.
and there's math test.
not really hard,
alhamdulillah i still remember some of the how-to-solve

i don't think I will be granted that scholarship,
cause I know there will be others much more
greater than me.
so, of course i would lose.
besides, physics is really hard.
i can't cope well and that's how i got A-
apart from the, xde rezeki nak dapat better than that.

i went there with one intention,
to get experience,
so i'm not really hoping for anything la..

and yesterday,
I went for IQ test by Mara.
haha!!most are only logical,
and the personality test part,
u need to think carefully which answer would u choose.

for example,
when u choose A, what would the other person
analyze u for..
and the business questions??
haha!hentam saja la..
idk la..why did they ask them?
i ran away from the simposium,remember?

and met my school friends there.
but since the distance between us was quite far,
it was awkward for me,
and i think, for them too.
so i didn't really stay with them.
i just leave their group.

and that was when my bestfriend wechat me.
and when he stopped,
i got bored, so i texted my bestfriend
who was in terengganu.
i think he's back here already, bt not sure.
then, there's this auntie besides me,
and we chat a little.
she asked me abt school and blablabla

idk why,
but ever since i started secondary school,
adults love to talk to me..
bajet je..
maybe i was talkative or they can see how friendly i am,

during those days,
when I went to the hospital,
u see, i frequently visited the hospital when i was in school.
it was not because i was really sick,
but i was a little sick.
sometimes, i need to reload my inhaler,
and sometimes, i have the gastric,
causing me to be less productive.

like today, i've been having gastric since this morning.
so i just lie down the moment i'm in my room.
i thought it was because of the, u know,
the period pain, but it was not.
of course, i know the difference between them.

back to the main story!
got JPA interview tomorrow.
i applied for petroleum engineering.
idk why but that was the least i could think
apart from medicine.

i really hope that I'll get MARA scholarship.
I really wish to do Medic.
With my current academic phase,
i don't think i'll get to do Medic here as
it will be hard to get 4 flat.

please pray for me,
i really want that MARA scholarship.
I really really really really want it.
in sya Allah, amin!!

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

ward, again?

so my dad was admitted again into hospital.
last week, my dad was admitted at the same
hospital too, but he checked out after 3 days.
and that's how he managed to send me here.

        in my case should be 'ex-army'

can't wait to go back..
last week, i went home, unplanned,
taking the bus at BTS, all by myself..
since I was taking extra precaution,
I ask a friend of mine to accompany me.

he just got into accident few days ago, i think?
he fell down, idk where..haha!!
get better soon, dear.

and my ibu asked me,
why didn't I ask my bestfriend to accompany me?
haha!!i laughed and said,
"ouh, he never fail to turn me down"
then, my ibu will reply
abt how busy he is and blablabla,
trying to back him up.

but anyway,
I think he's going to stop being friend with me soon.
haha! I know cause I can feel it.
but of course i wouldn't care.
leave me or stay, do wtv u want.
it's not like i'm going to stop my friends,
from leaving my side.

back to my story,
last time i checked, my dad was having serious cough.
there's blood and he kept waking up at night.
my nenek also have almost the same symptom.
and the doctor said there's nothing wrong,
when my nenek went to see a number of physicians.

And when my dad was examined by the doctor,
they said that it was because of infection,
but after a week the cough is still there.
so, my dad went to the hospital again,
and was admitted.

it's not that i didn't take care of my dad,
but waiting at the hospital is quite boring.
unless when there's something to do,
like eating, watching or playing.

u see,
i have never been admitted to hospital.
Alhamdulillah, i'm that healthy.hihi!
i always pray that my families will always
be healthy like me too. :D

that's how it goes.
and guess what?
can't even study at the hospital.
haha!!i ate and tried to study,
then i fell asleep.

and da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

kegilaanku kesibukanku~

quite busy fr the past 2 weeks..
macam2 assignment la..
dan macam2 quiz,
memang banyak gila!!

i don't really study fr those quizzes,
so, after the teacher had corrected the paper,
they gave back the paper to us la..
as usual, my marks are just so-so..
and sometimes it's below the average..
often, i would be laughing,

it was a way fr me to release the stress,
and all those pessimism..
that's why i don't really care
about marks that i get in each quiz.
i've done my best,
maybe not really the best,
bt it was all in the past pn kan??

it's not like i can go back to when
i answer the quiz pn..
this is not the same like the, "FAITH" korean drama..

but sometimes,
i feel down too..
especially when u see ur friends get quite good marks..
of course, u'll be like,
if they can do it, why can't i??
and in the end might end up blaming one own self.
haha!!that's why i prefer the laugh at urself method..

rather than having other laugh at u,
it's better if u laugh at ur own self..
seriously, try it!! :)

apart from the assignments and quizzes,
i currently having sleep deprivation..
my group and I didn't sleep last night.
we were working on litapp assignment..

we've done presenting..
got guite good feedback from the viewer..
at least, all the efforts didn't went into the drain..

and now i'm so very sleepy.
but since i have litapp quiz tomorrow,
i cannot la sleep now..
need to study first..

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

p/s: sejak belakangan ni asyik bertweeting,
berFacebook dan berInstagram..ngee~

Thursday, April 4, 2013


still in a great mood..
after 2 yrs and a half,
i went back to kuantan!!

quite a change la kowt??
deforestation la,
pembandaran la..
macam2 bangunan da ada!!

   our previous house in kuantan...memang orang yg duduk ni
     renovate habis2an punya!!

since i grew up there,
of course la ada sentimental value kan??
i was there for 12 yrs..
from when i was 3 yrs old, u see..
i've experienced many things there..
but no cinta monyet, of course..

yeah, who would like me anyway..
i'm just nobody..
(a friend gave me a surat cinta and i throw it.............
in the drain!!far from my house)

haha!!bunyi macam kejam kan??
maklumlah kanak2..

kembali kepada petak pertama..
so, bertolak la pagi2 ahad tu ke kuantan..
singgah situ singgah sini,
then, we made our way to kemaman first!!
haha!!fyi, masa duduk kuantan dulu,
kemaman ni selalu la juga pergi..
usually masa balik cuti sekolah la..
maklumlah, duduk asrama kowt??

besides, saya sangatlah suka makan keropok lekor..
kalau pergi rumah orang yang hidangkan keropok ni,
boleh habis saya makan sorang2.. :D

first kedai yang kami pergi,
keropok dia masin gila..
but since i like keropok lekor,
i almost eat the whole plate..
and makan sate ikan sekali la..

so, we searched for the restaurant
that we usually go..
and i end up eating another plate
of keropok lekor..
i mean, pergi sana memang nak
makan keropok lekor nya pun..
maklumlah, order kat kawan baik sendiri
x pernah dapat..haha!!
(minx tolong aini belikan, budak2 ni gi habiskan pula..)
 seronok la dapat makan!! :D

when u eat too much,
u have to face the consequences la kan??
idk what's wrong with my digestive system,
but i have hard time during the trip.
i keep having stomach ache
and also diarrhea..
kurang seronok la sikit nak makan
sebab asyik sakit perut je..
sapu minyak panas pn x berkesan langsung..

ada benda kelakar masa kat kemaman..
i was waiting for my family,
berdiri la kejap kat luar masjid..
tetiba rasa macam ada kereta
jalan slow gila kat depan saya..
then, pandang la..
guess what??
ada orang dalam kereta tu sengih2..

kelakar la..
boleh pula jalan slow2 sebab nak senyum kat
orang luar (which is me)
tak boleh blah..
and macam biasa,
saya kan murah dengan senyuman.
of course u know what i did la kan??

then, balik la kuantan semula..
pi bandar sat,
ingat nak pergi exhibition mara,
last2 da tutup pula..
sakit hati je..
so we went to ECM la..
tempat fav kowt kat kuantan..
well, before ECM tu wujud,
of course la slalu pergi megamall..

    this pic was taken in 2007. please ignore the way i wear tudung..hihi!
     saya memang tidak begitu pandai memakai tudung.. sampai sekarang
     pun, x kemas sangat.. :D

and at night,
pi la makan nasi kerabu kat tanjung lumpur.
with this ex-neighbour kat damansara,
mereka pun da pindah sebenarnya..
boleh dikatakan memang rapat la kowt..
ala, the one that we went for holiday with..
yang kat kl, pulau pinang, ipoh, cameron,
mana ntah lagi??
yup, that one la..

they gave me a tudung and a purse..
for spm, u see..
last time for pmr,
they gave me a bag,
and during upsr, i got a watch..
best kan??best kan??

well, i was looking fr purple tudung
tapi x jumpa2,
tup2 dapat tudung yang ada kotak2,
dan banyak colour..
and ada colour purple!!

and keesokan harinya,
jalan2 sat kat megamall,
pastu da x tahu nak gi mana da..
balik la ke kuantan..
nak melawat jiran2 lama kat damansara,
mereka tiada..
maklumlah cuti sekolah..
confirm ramai balik kg punya..
takpun, pergi bercuti..

that's how my trip goes..
simple yet memorable..
i keep flashing back all the old memory..
reminiscing is always fun, u know.. :D

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

p/s: this post pun da lama tulis..x sempat nak publish.. :)

graduation day~

had my graduation ceremony.

did this, and that,
and this stuff and that stuff..

khusyuk menonton budak2 choral speaking..
tajuk : growing up
flashback when i was form 2.
masuk choral speaking,
pasal teenager kowt??
eh2, adulthood da..
wtv it is,
bunyi dia nak dekat sama pun..

CS masa form 2 paling best kowt?
sebabnya, masuk sampai negeri..
masa form3, kalah kat sekolah sendiri..
tah pape..

ingat lagi masa buat performance
untuk debate sbp kebangsaan punya..
macam2 bahasa da..
sememangnya, CS sangat seronok..
kalau betul2 best,
orang yg dengar mesti rasa meremang je..

my ibu bought flower for me.
well, i don't hate flower,
and it's not that i love flower too much.
i mean,
habiskan duit untuk beli bunga??
last2 buang juga..
xke membazir??

but anyway,
when people gave me flowers,
i usually dry them in a book.
like last time when my bestfriend did,
i actually kept them for almost a week,
i threw away at the end..
bukan boleh makan pun nak simpan..haha!!

dah grad da..
that's the main point..
tapi since i'm still here,
there's no feeling of being free..
i'm stucked here again fr asasi..

maybe till the end of the study..
who knows, pun??

and on the night of the ceremony,
my family and I went fr dinner.
pi makan ikan bakar kat alai kowt?
ada ketam dan udang!!
well, apart from ayam,
i quite like udang and ketam..

kekembungan perut sebab makan banyak sangat..
tah pape kan??

nothing to say.
sekian, terima kasih.

p/s: i wrote this post last 2 weeks, but didn't have
      time to publish.. :)