Saturday, April 20, 2013

interview jpa~

well, i had my interview yesterday.
haha!!it was quite funny fr me..

the first session,
interview berkumpulan.
some of the questions are:
1.introduce urself (typical question)
2.why do u choose the field?
3.what do u think abt malaysian who work
   overseas? to solve discipline cases in school? u think police should be placed in school
   so that less discipline cases?

yeah, that was some of the questions asked.
and then in the second session!!
well, i like it.
it's in bahasa malaysia.
talked a lot and even made my personal conclusion.
and the topic was quite easy.

and last come the hardest part,
the presentation in english.
my english have always been bad,
and I can't explain well in English.
people can't understand me.

and topic was hard.
how Allahyarham Sudirman can bring the sense
of belongness in young generation?
something like that.
Well, all of us had no idea abt the topic.
we don't know what to present and how.

thank goodness the accessor were kind and generous.
they help us and gave some ideas.
but still, it was something really hard for us.
so in the end,
i asked if i could say something..
and they said i can.

i told the accessor that since we discussed abt
Sudirman, it is quite difficult to relate him to
the topic mentioned.
so i gave Yuna as another example.
how she sang that 'Shine Your Way'
with Owl City,
and when the world see her,
they'll know that she come from Malaysia
and also a few other things that I ramble abt.

can't wait for Mara result to come out.
i hope there will be good news.. :D

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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