Monday, March 4, 2013

what a bad thing to do~

2nd March 2013.
I'm a bad student.
I did something bad,
but I don't want to blame myself.
it was not because of me.

the morning started off just as great as it would be.
i mean, my days are supposed to be fun, anyway.
So, i woke up not really early,
quite late, but not really late,
and got ready for the morning.

Had breakfast at the cafe,
while waiting fr the late buses...
arrived there,
got myself registrated,
and go through the first session of the simposium.

Well, the first slot was quite interesting.
Maybe because of the penceramah kowt?
But then I think again.
Do i really want to be an enterpreneur?
Yeah, i like money!
might as well call me 'mata duitan',
but as if i care pn??

through the second slot,
i fall asleep.
and it felt like being invisibly slapped on the face,
when the penceramah,
said something that struck me from my sleepiness.
gila terasa...

so, i figured out something,
not to cause humiliation to this ASASIpintar
alasan je sebenarnya
so, i went back,
with a group of friends.
called taxi but the pakciks wouldn't come.

we saw a taxi.
so we made our way back to the college,
and again out of UKM.
took the KTM to the mines.

maybe since it was a bad act,
the train keep moving forward,
then back again,
forward, and back again..
and at last maju ke hadapan!!!
salah satu petanda ya, harap maklum!

but anyway,
hanging out with friends.
yeah, it was all fun.
it's called the freedom...

after doing some self-reflection,
i realized that i shouldn't have done that.
I've told myself the last time,
that I will not be a bad student.
I will not break the rules.
but i did it again.

I cannot swear,
nor that I can promise,
but I shall try my best in the future,
not to do bad things again.

that's it.
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Friday, March 1, 2013


so, i'm still alive.

life has been quite hectic..
with assignments and stuffs..
don't even have time to watch running man,
yeah, i was watching secret garden(again)

and didn't get the chance to go out too.
but anyway, i'm in hukm now.
basically, it's called going out..

as i always said,
i'm nt really that brave.
and i'm usually 'cakap x serupa bikin'
like when i said,
i'm mad with these 2 friends,
coz they sent their biodata,
quite late to me..

and the fact that i had to wait fr them,
in the RAIN!!
not once, but twice???
well, i'm not that kind of person who would wait..

the first time i waited,
they didn't come down..
coz they forgot.
and they were executing their prayer.
well, that's ok la with me..
even if i'm mad with them at the first place,
but i can't really be mad,
scolding them!!

u see,
i only scold people i'm comfortable with..
someone close with me,
like my kakak, or my adik
(ouh..i merajuk with my adik)
or my already 5 yrs classmates.

that's the bunch of people i'm comfortable with.
so how do u expect me to scold others?
of course not..
can't do it..
so, if i never scold u,
that mean i'm not close to u,
which means,
i'm a bit uncomfortable with you..

currently in the library in hukm.
my meeting with prof is around 2.
and since i'm alone,
i'm somehow bored.
yeah, i usually come here in a group.
bt now, it's just me.

go back to the story.
since i'm nt brave,
i was reflecting again and again
whether to come here or not.
but since this is necessary,
so i've made the decision to come alone.

i even planned to bring any knife
or scissors or anything that can be a weapon,
haha!!in case something bad happen to me,
i might as well fight???
who knows??

but alhamdulillah,
suddenly this friend texted me,
asking to go to hukm with him.
but the deal is,
i need to go like this early to hukm.
but i don't mind, anyway.
better two than one, kan??

i'm nt someone who,

"weh, temankan gi hukm boleh??"

i'm nt that kind of person.
i'm someone who would do everything on my own.
i know that sometimes, that can't happen..
i still need the help of others..
but above all, i'll try first to deal with it personally,
rather than asking people's help.

coz i hate it when people rejected to help me.
even more that that,
i hate when people rejecting me.
like, rejecting when i offered them food,
refuses to do something with me..
yup, i don't  like that..
so, rather than being rejected,
i prefer not to ask..:D

u know, i'm somewhat antropophobia.
i don't really like to be with others,
i'm happy just by myself.

so, to whom it may concern,
thanks for coming here with me .
really appreciate it..
jeongmal!!(like what koreans said)

well, that's it..
gonna kill time.
sekian, terima kasih. ;)