Friday, March 1, 2013


so, i'm still alive.

life has been quite hectic..
with assignments and stuffs..
don't even have time to watch running man,
yeah, i was watching secret garden(again)

and didn't get the chance to go out too.
but anyway, i'm in hukm now.
basically, it's called going out..

as i always said,
i'm nt really that brave.
and i'm usually 'cakap x serupa bikin'
like when i said,
i'm mad with these 2 friends,
coz they sent their biodata,
quite late to me..

and the fact that i had to wait fr them,
in the RAIN!!
not once, but twice???
well, i'm not that kind of person who would wait..

the first time i waited,
they didn't come down..
coz they forgot.
and they were executing their prayer.
well, that's ok la with me..
even if i'm mad with them at the first place,
but i can't really be mad,
scolding them!!

u see,
i only scold people i'm comfortable with..
someone close with me,
like my kakak, or my adik
(ouh..i merajuk with my adik)
or my already 5 yrs classmates.

that's the bunch of people i'm comfortable with.
so how do u expect me to scold others?
of course not..
can't do it..
so, if i never scold u,
that mean i'm not close to u,
which means,
i'm a bit uncomfortable with you..

currently in the library in hukm.
my meeting with prof is around 2.
and since i'm alone,
i'm somehow bored.
yeah, i usually come here in a group.
bt now, it's just me.

go back to the story.
since i'm nt brave,
i was reflecting again and again
whether to come here or not.
but since this is necessary,
so i've made the decision to come alone.

i even planned to bring any knife
or scissors or anything that can be a weapon,
haha!!in case something bad happen to me,
i might as well fight???
who knows??

but alhamdulillah,
suddenly this friend texted me,
asking to go to hukm with him.
but the deal is,
i need to go like this early to hukm.
but i don't mind, anyway.
better two than one, kan??

i'm nt someone who,

"weh, temankan gi hukm boleh??"

i'm nt that kind of person.
i'm someone who would do everything on my own.
i know that sometimes, that can't happen..
i still need the help of others..
but above all, i'll try first to deal with it personally,
rather than asking people's help.

coz i hate it when people rejected to help me.
even more that that,
i hate when people rejecting me.
like, rejecting when i offered them food,
refuses to do something with me..
yup, i don't  like that..
so, rather than being rejected,
i prefer not to ask..:D

u know, i'm somewhat antropophobia.
i don't really like to be with others,
i'm happy just by myself.

so, to whom it may concern,
thanks for coming here with me .
really appreciate it..
jeongmal!!(like what koreans said)

well, that's it..
gonna kill time.
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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