Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 november 2011~

hello peeps!
how's ur day?
have u had ur dinner yet?

today i did the history module.
phew!a LOT more to go la..
wonder when i cn finish it

today i had rendang ayam kampung fr dinner.
and some ubi rebus too.
and also ths puding kastard,
which i make yesterday.

pudding with nata de coco..hehe!!

it's nt tht hard pn..
it's only pudding..
some people usually said tht..
how harsh!! :(

it's my first time pn..
still something to be proud of..

ouh yup.
there are also roti canai and nescafe
fr supper..
ouh no!
i'm too FULL la..

gonna gain 20 kg,i think??
sekian,terima kasih. ;)


hello friends.
i'm the most boring person in da world,
the one tht keep doing boring stuff..

in fact,
i'm selfless too!!
can't help..

module sej on my right side,
novel on the left side,
freaking phone and laptop in between.


sekian,terima kasih. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


phone's ringing.Yo fo** i said phone's ringing!!pick up da phone man,u know what pick up the phone means??it means to press the green buttonwith the phone on it,u press tht button,then u could talk.u so damn stup**...S.T.U.p**,pick up the damn phone, fo**...

how's the intro?
well,that's my ringtone.

my nenek said,

"angah,phone mu ni meracau..."

and i was like, huh??

i know la tht my ringtone sounds awesome,
bt xdela sampai meracau kan??

my phone rarely rings la..
afterall,no one have my celcom no pun?
if they have pun,
i don't save anyone's no on the sim card.
so,their names are not going to come up la...

and no one would ring me,
or at least txt me,
it's just meant tht
i live to be forgotten..

at least i don't have ths type of phobia...

wtv la..
i'm a no one pn kan??
no one,not number one...

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s:i'm so insignificant to get mssgs and calls frm others.haha!

nada cinta~

Nada2 cinta ini terungkai dari hatiku,
Dulu x pernah terpikir mengalir spt ini,
Kamu xkan bisa menahan semua rasa,
Katakan3 saja yang ada di hatimu.

Cuba2 lah kau lihat kau lihat diriku
Cuba2 lah kau dengar kau dengar suaraku..

hello guys!!
howcha day?
had fun?

so,notice the lyrics up there?
tht song was the ost of ths sinetron
called 'nada cinta'
on astro ria.

i don't really like to watch drama,
especially sinetron,
bt sometimes,
when there is nothing to do,
i just watch it la kan??

i catched a glimpse of ths one scene.

let's give them a name first.
a guy name 'A' like 'B'
bt he couldn't tell her
coz he don't have the courage to do so la..

'A' have an ex-gf named 'C'.
'C' told 'B' tht the guy left her because of 'B'.
'B' who don't want 'C' to become an antagonist,
 tried to persuade tht guy
to be closer to 'C'.

as if tht's going to happen in real life.

it's so obv tht 'A' really likes 'B'.
it was because he didn't tell 'B' abt it..
or 'B' seems to be unaware of it.

'A' is handsome pun...
no doubt..
enough with tht.

so,guess what?
i make some agar2 milo with susu.
nt too stiff.
just freakingly nice.
well,it was my first try to make agar2 pn.

x keluarkan dr bekas lagi yek...

afterall,i don't really like agar2,
so,no initiative to make one b4...
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

mr know it all huh~

Mr. Know It All
Well ya think you know it all
But ya don't know a thing at all
Ain't it, ain't it something y'all
When somebody tells you something 'bout you
Think that they know you more than you do
So you take it down another pill to swallow

Oh you think that you know me, know me
That's why I'm leaving you lonely, lonely
'Cause baby you don't know a thing about me
You don't know a thing about me
You ain't got the right to tell me
When and where to go, no right to tell me
Acting like you own me lately
Yeah baby you don't know a thing about me
You don't know a thing about me

Saturday, November 26, 2011

maal hijrah~

selamat menyambut maal hijrah!!
1 muharram 1433H...

allow me to use malay,ok?

masih bernafas lagi tahun ni.
thn depan??

sempena tahun baru ini,
saya ada banyak sangat azam!

azam saya~

1.nak jadi hamba Allah yang lebih baik
2.nak jadi hebat
3.nak jadi orang yg baik di dunia
4.nak kumpul pahala banyak2!!
5.nak tolong orang slalu
6.nak jadi pandai
7.nak dapat straight a slalu!!

tu je lah dulu azam saya..
nnti banyak sangat plak??hihi!!
bila banyak,
susah nak tunaikan azam tu kan?

yg penting,
saya nak berhijrah la kan?
insyaAllah ke arah yg lebih baik,
tp,kalau tetiba jadi jahat tu,
x taulah yek?

jom kita hijrah sama2??

tu je la.
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

Friday, November 25, 2011


heyya guys!
guess what??

last night,
i was watching tv.
without realising it,
i was staring at my bro.

ths thought came into my mind.
"eee...jambunya muka beliau"

i hacked his phone
and searched for his photo album.

most of the pics are kind of,
did i have a sissy bro?

i mean,
except for the fact tht 
he's my punchbag
everytime i feel so stressed,
he usually appears to be masculine.
i think so la..

but to think of it..
is ths really happening?
i mean,
he has many girlfriends
and yet he has 'jambu' face...

i thought tht
when he's small,
he's kind of cute.
didn't thought tht 
he still have tht kind of
same impression.

i mean,
c'mon la!
guys are handsome.
not cute...

that's it la.
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s:x sah kalau duduk rumah 
and x makan banyak2..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22 november 2011~

heyya guys!
whatcha doing?

yesterday was a good day.
i get to eat 'keladi goreng'
get to eat jambu madu too...
and also had a bbq last nyte.

daging kambing itu sedap kan?
ayam juga sedap..
sosej??lagi la sedap..

at least,
i don't feel too aggrieved,
since i didn't get to go fr bbq
at my old school.
well,that's nt the main point pn.
act,i've been wanting to visit my friends there.
bt couldn't make it.
because of time boundaries and exams and so on la..

on second thought,
maybe they have forgotten us pun..
it's been a year kan?
since we left the best school.

enough with tht.
i'm nt being emotional here.

done watching all season of TMD.
i like the last episode of the last season most la.
it was the total arch and bentall surgery.
the surgery is surely very difficult.
and to use a heart-lung machine
for 2 people??
it sounds impossible.

but then,
it's a drama pun.
obv la,
anything would be a success.

done watching another drama until episode 11.
currently, waiting for next episode la,
which will be premiered on 5th december.
i wonder la.
when is the last episode..

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011


hello guys.
i mean,the game la..

meet 3344.
she's a KG.
she's strict.
she's the only one tht can scold
the sixth of us.

she's kind.
good at solving prob.
she speaks a bit monotonous.
we can't really understand what
she meant.

she's the reason why we can't do bad things,
most of the times.
she's gonna be like,
"eh,x baik la"
or like,
"kesian dia"
and 6th of us gonna be like,
"ok.won't do tht,fr now"...

she's good at speaking javanese.
i mean,
most of teenagers who live in johor,
they don't even know what is the language abt.
they've started to forget abt their culture.

tht doesn't bother me pn.
i'm a selfish girl,anyway.
afterall,i don't even know how to speak
in kedah dialect or pahang dialect.
why should i condemn those?

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

21 november 2011~

heyya guys.
whatcha doing?
have fun.

so,today is just another day la...

after been staying at the living room
for a few days,
i've decided to move into my room.

i'm going to have backpain
if i continue to sleep there.
but,kisah la plak??

went to mydin earlier.
bought many junk food.
most importantly,
bought choc!!

i know tht most people are going to say,
"whoa!choc?u want to get fat?"

so what.
i'm already fat pun...
let me be happy in my world.

based on an article tht i've read
in reader's digest earlier
ths morning,

it says tht,
limiting fat only make me deprived.
when u're being deprived,
u tend to eat more and more,
and thus,exceeding ur daily need of fat.

i don't want to give my opinion bout tht.
urm,u read it urself la..

it's the october 2011 issue.
haven't  read the new issue yet.

that's it la..

Sunday, November 20, 2011


heyya guys.
i'm so boring.

so,let's go fr the game!!
it's time for 3124.

ok.she's a girl.
a sweet one.
a bit spoilt
bt nt in a way tht we can't control.

always gives full attention to her appearance.
she's a beautiful girl,
bt she thinks tht she's fat
which is totally wrong.

she loves english.
-unlike me-
i hate english especially the grammar part.
u can see that i really sucks in tht
by reading my posts.

she has major crushes on many people.
(including me,i think?since i'm a handsome guy)
she's a very good one
in comforting her friends.
a good shoulder to grab on.
i mean,she knows how to tackle
those who cry and sulk.

i mean,
if it were me,
i would just leave those people la.
1st because i do not like people who sulk.
2nd because i'll make things worse
if i tried coaxing the crybaby.

so,that's it la abt her.
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 november 2011~

assalamualaikum guys.
whatcha doing?
just drop by to rant on yesterday.

so,what did i do??
watching this drama
called team medical dragon,
the first season fr the 4th times
in my life...

catch a glimpse of the ost song.
the song is nice,
bt the lyrics seem to be inappropriate.
i mean,i can't really understand
what the singer's trying to say.

well,take a look!!

Longing for you day and in dreamI'm hoping you are here and leading my way
You steers my road anytime I needIf you walk away, I will follow you
Trying my lifeWith your secret gifts you gave to meI won't vain and succeed it as your precious soul
Holding your handAnd I'm walking through the all of the world
Carrying your wish like the Venus in the dim sky

see what i mean?
the lyrics are weird enough,
to be called weird.

who cares?i'm weird pun...

enough with the lyrics.
guess what??
i hope that i can be a real doctor
and great cardiologists.
i mean,i really hope to be one.
pray for me,ok?

i mean,i like the heart structure.
i like to hold scalpel too.
i like to see blood.
maybe that was because
i bleed myself too often.
i fell down easily,remember??

ouh.i want to be a handsome cardio like him,

the main character.

i did watch another drama series.
done until episode 10.
currently waiting for episode 11
which going to be on aired tomorrow
on idk what channel.
bt seriously,
can't wait to download that.
it's a funny comedy series,i must say...

i also watch this japanese drama called,
1 litre of tears.
almost cried...
bt wait!!!
i'm a guy who doesn't cry.
really touched my heart.
u should watch that la..

so,at nyte,
when everyone went to this kenduri
near this house,
i stayed at home,
and wrapped up my novels.
my collection is getting bigger!!

that's how it went.
boring and lame..
sekian,terima kasih. ;)


heyya guys.
meet 3222...

she's a soft-hearted girl.
sometimes,a crybaby.
a very pretty girl,i must say.
bt then,
she lacks of height.
in simpler,
she's kind of short..

she's very kind too.
she's sweet.
she's naive too,
same like 0987.

bt,she's better.
(sorry 0987)
she freak out easily bt
she still can join us,
doing some mischievous things.

i mean,c'mon.
most of KG's are teenagers.
(i'm a mumaiyiz,remember?)
of course la,
we need to do some sort of stuffs,
to spice things up,right?

she had 2 crush in our school.
one is her current bf,
which she usually said,
"kawan je"
bt dearie,
we know that it's more thn that.

another crush is my best friend,
i'll talk abt him later la..
(ok.too many people tht i've to write abt)

so,3222 like to hide her personal stuffs frm us.
bt,usually we'll get to know abt tht pun..
i mean,what secret can u hide?
u can't do tht,seriously!
i mean,nt frm us...

i'll hope tht she'll be with his sweet bf.
i mean,they look great together.
both of them are short...(hihi..)

as fr my best friend who had a crush on 3222,
i'm sorry dear.
he's closer to her thn u...

sekian,terima kasih. ;)


heyya guys.
it's time for 0987.

she's a KG.
she's cute.
we called her sappy.
i'm the one who gave her tht cute name.

i specially called her 'ayam'
cause she speaks like one.
she's a kind girl.
she really loves me.

i mean,
we've been in the same class
for 4 years already.
doesn't tht mean tht she can't let me go?
and bcoz she loves me really much?

bt sorry.
u can't love me.
i love myself too much
tht i can't share my love with anyone.

she had too many scandals.
at first she's with ths guy frm k1.
then,someone else had a crush on her.
and now,
she's with 3456.

i'll come to him later la..
she's a freak out girl.
she gets scared easily.
she always think tht she's right.
can't accept people's opinion.

she can't be a troublemaker,
cause sometimes she's so naive.
bt who cares pun?
she's a good friend,
so,what's wrong with her being so innocent?
we don't give a damn pun...
(hey,that sounds like my best friend blog)

so,i hope tht,
she really truly get married to 3456.
they're so sweet.
and i hope tht,
she'll stop HAUNTING me..
nah,just kidding.

ouh btw,
few days ago,
she said tht 3456 looks like aaron aziz.

i mean like,
u've got to be kidding me.
he's NOT!!

enough talking abt her.

Friday, November 18, 2011


heyya guys!
let me get straight to this.
since i'm suffering from boredom,
i've decided to play
"Personality games"

it's nt really a game.
it's more to getting to know my friends la..
it's gonna be,
my KamiGuys,
and close friend.
i mean,i'm gonna write abt them,
until i had enough.

so,let starts with 3566.
a girl.
ouh,she would love to be called pondan.
she had a crush on many people at the same time.

she's sweet.lovely.
my classmate too.
also one of KG's.
head of KG.
she don't really like people
frm pantai timur,
especially those frm kelantan and terengganu.
pahang is an exception.haha!

she loves to read abt current issues,
which is unlikely fr me
coz i don't like to think abt those things yet.
i'm still mumaiyiz,kan??

she loves to sing.
she knows current songs on radio.
she's smart.
she's a happy go lucky girl la..

in fact,
she don't really define problems
the way we do..

i really hope that,
she'll meet a kelantanese guy one day,
and get married with him!
i really2 hope so...

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

who needs homework?

heyya guys!!
whatcha doing??
have fun??

ths is the first holiday
tht i'll get through without homework.

i mean,every end of year school holidays,
teachers will gave us
a bunch of  "pakej percutian"
credits to fasha fr that word.

i don't believe ths.
should i celebrate ths??
ouh,i'm so excited to go through
ths school holidays.

i was lying!!
obv,there's homework.
even worst,it's seems to be too much!

some people told me abt 
ths sad news.
that's why i keep switching off my phone.
had enough with those kind of things.

i mean.
c'mon la!
we have just finished our final exam.
shouldn't we get to pamper ourselves first,
gives a little treat to ths selfless mind,
before we start staring at the book again,
and studying
and puking out because of too much readings??

ok.maybe i was exaggerating.
bt honestly,
many people will be like,
"aarghh!!i hate homework.
stop interfering into my life."

to be honest,
i kind of like homework.
especially in ths situation,
where i'm doing nothing at home,
just watching some movies and dramas.
u see,it's getting lame la doing the very same stuff
each day...

so,i can't wait
to meet my lovely friend,
and take my homework and left-over things
which is currently
safe in her care.

dearie you;
thanks fr helping me.
appreciate tht.
without u,i'll end up having BIG probs.
insyaAllah we'll meet at the klcc,ok??
i'm already looking forward to it la.
or should i just go to ur house?
and dearie,
sorry fr burdening u.. 
i'll make it up for that...

my day can't seem to be more boring
and much lame..
i need some idea
abt what to do during ths holiday.

sekian,terima kasih ;)

in the end,
it's gonna be something like ths,

kata orang,

Kita mengambil masa,

1 MINIT untuk menemukan seseorang yang istimewa

1 JAM untuk menghargainya

1 HARI untuk menyukai dan menyayanginya

tetapi memerlukan SEUMUR HIDUP untuk melupakannya...

p/s:found in the novel~

18 november 2011~

heyya guys.
whatcha doing?
how's ur day??

i woke up real late today.
got seven voicemails frm some people.
penat mendengarnya...
xde pape pn...
penyumbang terbanyak-FASYA
he's really annoying.

throughout ths holiday,
i'm nt available on the phone.
these few days,
i'll stay off9 on fb too...
so,if u got anything important,
just comment on ths blog.

today's breakfast is something simple.
no one home to cook delicious meals.
only me,my sissy bro and my nenek.
wait until everyone's home.
except my sister la...

to my sister;
hihi!enjoy ur studies.
we're on school holidays. :P
study smart,nt study hard!!
sekian,terima kasih ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

last day~

hello guys!!
whatcha doing??
when's ur last day at school??

want to know bout mine?
yesterday i'm still in ukm.
bt today??
already at home la..

my last day went a little like this....

9 am
had modmath papers.

2 pm
returned my textbooks.
loitering around at complex
and settle up in library.
had few chats and also
read some novels.

went to class.
packing up all stuffs.
went back to college.

watch movie and drama.

had shower after solat maghrib.
called my dad.
he's coming to take me home.

had dinner at the cafe.
too many people there,seriously!
have maggi tomyam at first,
bt i exchanged it with fasya.

my family arrived
pack some stuffs.
ready to go back.
otw home,
we stopped by a restaurant,
and i had ths 3 layer tea.


i'm home.
ouh no.
can't believe ths la..

slept at ths living room.
being the house guardian,
as usual.

sekian,terima kasih. ;)