Sunday, November 20, 2011


heyya guys.
i'm so boring.

so,let's go fr the game!!
it's time for 3124.

ok.she's a girl.
a sweet one.
a bit spoilt
bt nt in a way tht we can't control.

always gives full attention to her appearance.
she's a beautiful girl,
bt she thinks tht she's fat
which is totally wrong.

she loves english.
-unlike me-
i hate english especially the grammar part.
u can see that i really sucks in tht
by reading my posts.

she has major crushes on many people.
(including me,i think?since i'm a handsome guy)
she's a very good one
in comforting her friends.
a good shoulder to grab on.
i mean,she knows how to tackle
those who cry and sulk.

i mean,
if it were me,
i would just leave those people la.
1st because i do not like people who sulk.
2nd because i'll make things worse
if i tried coaxing the crybaby.

so,that's it la abt her.
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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