Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22 november 2011~

heyya guys!
whatcha doing?

yesterday was a good day.
i get to eat 'keladi goreng'
get to eat jambu madu too...
and also had a bbq last nyte.

daging kambing itu sedap kan?
ayam juga sedap..
sosej??lagi la sedap..

at least,
i don't feel too aggrieved,
since i didn't get to go fr bbq
at my old school.
well,that's nt the main point pn.
act,i've been wanting to visit my friends there.
bt couldn't make it.
because of time boundaries and exams and so on la..

on second thought,
maybe they have forgotten us pun..
it's been a year kan?
since we left the best school.

enough with tht.
i'm nt being emotional here.

done watching all season of TMD.
i like the last episode of the last season most la.
it was the total arch and bentall surgery.
the surgery is surely very difficult.
and to use a heart-lung machine
for 2 people??
it sounds impossible.

but then,
it's a drama pun.
obv la,
anything would be a success.

done watching another drama until episode 11.
currently, waiting for next episode la,
which will be premiered on 5th december.
i wonder la.
when is the last episode..

sekian,terima kasih. ;)