Sunday, August 11, 2013

ramadan 2013,done~

well, alhamdulillah.
ramadan 2013 is done.
i hope that every good deeds
that i've done in the sacred month,
will be accepted, in sya Allah.

skipped 8 days this yr.
and alhamdulillah..
diidn't miss tarawih, though...
except fr the days that i couldn't..
of course i didn't la kan..

even though i performed tarawih
with jemaah fr only twice,
bt it's good enough, though.
at least, i did it on my own.

people lose weight in fasting month.
bt this yr is an exception fr me.
haha!gain weight of course..

well, went to hukm 4 times..
bought kfc and subway twice,
and went to bazar once during the trip.
that's one of the reason that i gained weight.

and went to burger bakar twice fr breaking fast.
went to bazar in bangi twice also..
making trips to malls like mid valley and mines..
and breaking fast there..
so what do u expect?
of course la, the aftermath: heavier and fatter..

and nt to mention the moreh as well..
reducing weight failed~

i pray that i'll get to meet the next ramadan.
in sya Allah.

sekian, terima kasih. ;)