Tuesday, May 7, 2013

i'm 18, people~

on 3rd May of 2013,
i became 18 years old.
Alhamdulillah, i'm still alive,
and can make it to this new phase of life.

on the historical morning (for me)
i woke up quite late, around 10 am.
then, i went to the office
to take my parcel.
i've been waiting for my love to arrive,
for almost 3 weeks, i think?
alhamdulillah, i got it on my birthday.
it feels like someone faraway giving me,
birthday present.. :')

at noon,
my parents came to fetch me.
we were going to raub, yeah!
it was my uncle's wedding ceremony there.
not specifically uncle, kowt?
coz he's my ibu's cousin.
so, second cousin maybe??
idk, let's just call him, my uncle.

quite a long distance..
for me,
i think i'm going to find myself,
someone from kedah..haha!!
it sounds so cool..

but nah,
will i get married??
i'm just a nobody..
with a bad personality..
who would like me??
ececeh, buat2 sedih pula..

act, i never think abt this getting married thing.
kalau ada jodoh, kahwinlah.. kalau xde, nak buat camne..
that's why i'm not really concern with my friends,
who have started planning on their marriage.

my nenek memang tak senyum punya kalau ambil gambar..

in fact, in most wedding ceremony,
i only think abt food,
let alone the bride and the bridegroom.
bt obv, i'm not that ignorant la..
i still wish the best for them,
so that their marriage will last for a long time.
cause i think, forever might be impossible..

back to my birthday,
the first person who wish me was my sis.
on instagram/twitter and fb..
she posted the wishes everywhere..
and she included my pic..haishh..
and it was an old, unhandsome one..huhu~

it was supposed to be my abah.
i saw his missed call in the morning.
haha!i slept early la.
however, to make things easy,
let's just say my along did it first.. :)

      budak jambu yang terlampau suka bergambar..

along the way to raub,
my ibu bought 2 slices of cake for me to munch on.
u see,
in my family,
i'm the only one who loves cake really much.
that's why my ibu just bought me a small portion.
coz it was meant for me only.haha!

moving on to the next day,
the ceremony!!
the baju kurung that i wore,
was bought on the night of my birthday,
it's purple, again.. phew~
everytime i look at my wardrobe,
most baju kurung is in purple.
even if it's not fully purple,
there's gonna be purple in it too.
trust me.. :)

i don't really eat the nasi minyak much.
although some of the lauk are,
ayam golek, rendang daging kambing & lembu,
udang, masak lemak nanas and ikan 3 rasa, i think?
well, i was eating at the khemah pengantin,
so i get to eat extra dishes such as udang and ikan.. :)

the smallest portion of nasi that i've ever taken in my life.
haha!!the average one is the usual portion i take.
coz the moment i arrived there,
i saw this small booth having,
choc, marshmallow and grapes.
of course, i went crazy.
i'm a chocolate lover, u know..

so, after eating quite a lot of it,
it was the time for the lunch with brides.
so there was no time for the marshmallow
to be digested properly.
and after having the nasi,
i took the marshmallow again..

my ibu said,
"buat malu je pergi ambil banyak2.."
haha!!when it comes to food,
i kind of lose my insanity..haha!!
especially, chocolate!!

bt to be honest,
i don't really eat much choc.
everytime i start eating the cadbury choc,
i'll end up giving the rest of the choc to others.
idk why but i can't finish them by myself.
if i tried to eat alone,
it might take a week,
or in the end, i will be forced to throw it away.

    what to do, chubby since born, ma!!

on the way back to ukm,
i had indigestion..
padan muka!!
luckily, my nenek brought some ointments with her,
so i used a bit.

u see, everytime i'm having stomach ache or
anything related to stomach,
or maybe period pain,
i use ointment to soothe them.
especially the one that cause extreme hotness.

there was this time when i used it too much,
it caused redness.haha!
luckily, it was not burnt.
it was merely irritation.

and otw back to ukm,
my abah bought me a cake.
i gave half to my adik and take the other half.
my abah told me to eat with my friends..

     orang da cakap da nak beli kek durian2.. :(

u see,
i can sometimes become a vengeful person.
at first, i planned to give it to my friends on that night,
sharing is caring, right??
but they went for outing and left me alone in college.
they didn't even invite me to go with them.
so of course, i was a bit sensitive for that.

i end up eating the cakes by myself.
but earliert,
there were still a few left.
maybe i will finish them up,
but if i couldn't, i maybe need to give to anyone.
or else, i need to throw the cakes away..haishh..

what to do..
i'm a person yang 'makan dalam'
i don't tattletale,
or express my dissatisfaction.
i just keep it with myself.haha!

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

p/s: lepas ni xde la kena halau dengan
      pakcik berbadan besar kat cinema..haha!!

p/s 2: at last, i did throw away my ego,
          and thus shared the cakes... :)

Monday, May 6, 2013


so last tuesday,
i went to times square,
with a few others,
ain, niesah, najwa, leiy and izzy.

we did not plan anything.
it all started that particular morning,
when we went for mr arho's class.
he talked abt roller coaster and the X thing,
which ignited our spirit to go to cosmo theme park.

the original plan was to go the day after,
but since we thought ticket price on weekdays
would be much less than public holidays,
we decided to go on that day.

   terjumpa budak2 baru balik dari UM.. 

we departed around 2.30pm,
and reach kl sentral, an hour later.
from there,
we walked to the nearest monorail station,
to go to times square.
it was raining quite heavily,
so we were forced to get over with the rain.
and of course,
everyone gets really wet but luckily,
we managed to dry ourselves
with the help of air-cond in the monorail.

     haha!!aftermath of the rain.. :)

as soon as we reach ts,
we went for solat asar.
haha!seriously, it was really early.
i think, it was 4.30 pm.
nevertheless, it was a good thing to do,
performing prayer at the early hours. :)

after that,
we went straight for the play.
haha!of course it was fun.
to be honest, it was the fifth time for me,
nothing is so scary since i've gotten used to it.
i kept laughing all the time,
and my voice almost went out.
the coughing is the side effect. :)

     abang2 kawasan..

the first mision was to,
get on roller coaster about 10 times.
but since some of us was feeling dizzy,
after riding the dizzy izzy,
i only get 3 rides of roller coaster.

i've set up a new mission.
taking candid pic while smiling,
well, of course i've accomplished that.
haha!!what a nice candid.
i was smiling in almost every pics.
what a success!! :D

     bajet kanak2 je semua..

after playing and having fun,
we went for solat maghrib.
after that,
we went for dinner at the food court.
i was having this hotplate chicken rice,
then niesah came and showing off her tomyam.
it tastes nice,
so leiy and me bought and shared it.
i mean, i can't finish it alone,
it was too much..haha!!

and when those guys went for shopping,
i went around searching for coolblog.
sadly, it was already closed.
i mean, it was 10 already.
on the way out of the mall,
most of the shops were already closed,
so it was quite late.

i told myself,
"budak perempuan balik malam2, x patut betul..."
but of course, it was like talking to the mirror..haha!!

and alhamdulillah,
we arrived at the college almost 12.
not really midnight, but it was late already.
it was a good experience, though.
we did learn about centripetal force..haha!!

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

shopping spree~

firstly, it's not really shopping.

the story starts here.....

last saturday,
i was looking for a new sweater.
it has been really cold in classes,
so i figure out that i should have a sweater.

all of my old sweater,
already taken by my along..
she take the big black one,
and also the T(school) sweater..
and never bring them back..

so, i went with my adik to jusco.
by motorcycle.
it was quite scary at one part,
bt i'll tell u later..

as usual,
everytime i want to buy something,
it will take a really long time.
i just realized that i'm very picky.
to the point that it's very annoying.

another one more reason,
about why i hate shopping..
coz too time consuming..

we were there from 6pm until 10pm.
i told ya..
that's why i hate shopping.

it would be faster if
i just buy at the first shop.
but i insisted on going to every shop in the mall.
that's why.
well, not only clothes,
if i'm to buy shoes too,
i will take very long time.
much longer, i think?

apart from my sweater,
i was also looking for a men shirt.
well, for my best friend, of course.
as a sign of farewell.
he said he's quitting, anyway.
i'm also quite grateful to him.
even if he didn't do that much pun..haha!!

then, after looking around,
i went for dinner at burgerking first
with my adik.
maybe i can decide something after I eat.
then, my dad called me,
asking if we would take a longer time.
he wanted to bring us to mcd la..

as I was rushing,
it just happened.
i had already decided at that time.
considering the style, size and price
i'm a bit stingy when it comes to buying clothes.
unless it's related to food..hihi!
but my budget was around 100.
so i think it was worth it la..

then, we went straight home,
and come back out again.
and go to mcd.
everyone was having bigmac,
only me who was eating the chicken there.
i was already full la.
how could I eat 2 burgers in 1 night.
that would be impossible for me.

the scary part was,
it turned out that we need to pass
by the cemetery otw home.
and we were riding the motor.
double the scary.
as usual,
i just recited some prayer,
and didn't look at the cemetery,
i was looking away from it.

but i was on the motor.
it feels like it was just right beside me.
so apart from the doa for the dead,
i also recite ayat kursi.
i know, i know.
but i'm such a coward.
what to do.

ever since i'm small,
i can't even look at cemetery.
if i accidentally look at it,
i'll quickly close my eyes
and pretend to never see it.
my memory is not that good.
so, forgetting something is quite easy for me.
that's why i sometimes forget the name of people,
whom i have not meet for quite a long time.

the shopping didn't stop there.
on sunday,
my family and I went to Kenanga Wholesale City,
somewhere near the Times Square.
didn't really buy anything.
i was diligently (cheh!!) looking for a pink shirt.
yeah, a men's pink shirt.
for my bestfriend, remember?

but there's only light pink,
i want to find something like hot pink??
apart from farewell,
i'm planning to give the present as a test.
haha!!What test, right?

that's how my weekend goes la..
so, da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)