Monday, May 6, 2013


so last tuesday,
i went to times square,
with a few others,
ain, niesah, najwa, leiy and izzy.

we did not plan anything.
it all started that particular morning,
when we went for mr arho's class.
he talked abt roller coaster and the X thing,
which ignited our spirit to go to cosmo theme park.

the original plan was to go the day after,
but since we thought ticket price on weekdays
would be much less than public holidays,
we decided to go on that day.

   terjumpa budak2 baru balik dari UM.. 

we departed around 2.30pm,
and reach kl sentral, an hour later.
from there,
we walked to the nearest monorail station,
to go to times square.
it was raining quite heavily,
so we were forced to get over with the rain.
and of course,
everyone gets really wet but luckily,
we managed to dry ourselves
with the help of air-cond in the monorail.

     haha!!aftermath of the rain.. :)

as soon as we reach ts,
we went for solat asar.
haha!seriously, it was really early.
i think, it was 4.30 pm.
nevertheless, it was a good thing to do,
performing prayer at the early hours. :)

after that,
we went straight for the play.
haha!of course it was fun.
to be honest, it was the fifth time for me,
nothing is so scary since i've gotten used to it.
i kept laughing all the time,
and my voice almost went out.
the coughing is the side effect. :)

     abang2 kawasan..

the first mision was to,
get on roller coaster about 10 times.
but since some of us was feeling dizzy,
after riding the dizzy izzy,
i only get 3 rides of roller coaster.

i've set up a new mission.
taking candid pic while smiling,
well, of course i've accomplished that.
haha!!what a nice candid.
i was smiling in almost every pics.
what a success!! :D

     bajet kanak2 je semua..

after playing and having fun,
we went for solat maghrib.
after that,
we went for dinner at the food court.
i was having this hotplate chicken rice,
then niesah came and showing off her tomyam.
it tastes nice,
so leiy and me bought and shared it.
i mean, i can't finish it alone,
it was too much..haha!!

and when those guys went for shopping,
i went around searching for coolblog.
sadly, it was already closed.
i mean, it was 10 already.
on the way out of the mall,
most of the shops were already closed,
so it was quite late.

i told myself,
"budak perempuan balik malam2, x patut betul..."
but of course, it was like talking to the mirror..haha!!

and alhamdulillah,
we arrived at the college almost 12.
not really midnight, but it was late already.
it was a good experience, though.
we did learn about centripetal force..haha!!

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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