Wednesday, May 1, 2013

shopping spree~

firstly, it's not really shopping.

the story starts here.....

last saturday,
i was looking for a new sweater.
it has been really cold in classes,
so i figure out that i should have a sweater.

all of my old sweater,
already taken by my along..
she take the big black one,
and also the T(school) sweater..
and never bring them back..

so, i went with my adik to jusco.
by motorcycle.
it was quite scary at one part,
bt i'll tell u later..

as usual,
everytime i want to buy something,
it will take a really long time.
i just realized that i'm very picky.
to the point that it's very annoying.

another one more reason,
about why i hate shopping..
coz too time consuming..

we were there from 6pm until 10pm.
i told ya..
that's why i hate shopping.

it would be faster if
i just buy at the first shop.
but i insisted on going to every shop in the mall.
that's why.
well, not only clothes,
if i'm to buy shoes too,
i will take very long time.
much longer, i think?

apart from my sweater,
i was also looking for a men shirt.
well, for my best friend, of course.
as a sign of farewell.
he said he's quitting, anyway.
i'm also quite grateful to him.
even if he didn't do that much pun..haha!!

then, after looking around,
i went for dinner at burgerking first
with my adik.
maybe i can decide something after I eat.
then, my dad called me,
asking if we would take a longer time.
he wanted to bring us to mcd la..

as I was rushing,
it just happened.
i had already decided at that time.
considering the style, size and price
i'm a bit stingy when it comes to buying clothes.
unless it's related to food..hihi!
but my budget was around 100.
so i think it was worth it la..

then, we went straight home,
and come back out again.
and go to mcd.
everyone was having bigmac,
only me who was eating the chicken there.
i was already full la.
how could I eat 2 burgers in 1 night.
that would be impossible for me.

the scary part was,
it turned out that we need to pass
by the cemetery otw home.
and we were riding the motor.
double the scary.
as usual,
i just recited some prayer,
and didn't look at the cemetery,
i was looking away from it.

but i was on the motor.
it feels like it was just right beside me.
so apart from the doa for the dead,
i also recite ayat kursi.
i know, i know.
but i'm such a coward.
what to do.

ever since i'm small,
i can't even look at cemetery.
if i accidentally look at it,
i'll quickly close my eyes
and pretend to never see it.
my memory is not that good.
so, forgetting something is quite easy for me.
that's why i sometimes forget the name of people,
whom i have not meet for quite a long time.

the shopping didn't stop there.
on sunday,
my family and I went to Kenanga Wholesale City,
somewhere near the Times Square.
didn't really buy anything.
i was diligently (cheh!!) looking for a pink shirt.
yeah, a men's pink shirt.
for my bestfriend, remember?

but there's only light pink,
i want to find something like hot pink??
apart from farewell,
i'm planning to give the present as a test.
haha!!What test, right?

that's how my weekend goes la..
so, da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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