Sunday, January 29, 2012

quiz 2~

What Type Of Love Do U Have??

You have Anti-love.

Im surprised someone like you took this quiz! 

you do not love anyone, and you like it that way. 

Whether someone loves you or not u'll never know; 

you wouldnt care either way. To you, love is a 

waste of time. You think the emotions people go 

through due to love are annoying and dont make any sense. 

man, i cant wait until you wake up and smell the roses!


i was like,what???

i don't have any anti-love
or wtv that u call it la..

I LOVE myself too much kowt..
how could I not?

sekian,terima kasih. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

quiz 1~

Who cares?

result image
Your motto is: its none of my business! 
You couldn't care less about other 
people's tidbits of info- their lives don't 
really mean much to you, 
are much more interesting than anyone 
else. When someone's talking to you, 
you don't even realize because you're
busy thinking about what you're going 
to do next Friday evening!

i'll be posting the results of quizzes
that i answered on quizilla.
let's go for this one first.


i usually do NOT care about others la.
senang citer,i don't give a damn la kan..
this means,
i can NEVER be a stalker,
since idc la nya pun..

i don't get it,
why la kan,
certain people keep meddling
other people affairs.
xde kerja lain ke?

kalau sikit2 itu boleh la..
but to certain extent,
mungkinkah menjengkelkan??
i don't know.
i never get annoyed with anything,

sekian,terima kasih. :)

ouh3!susahnya nak cari philadelphia cheese
and whipping cream kat melaka ni..
ketensionan melampau da..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i'm a gummy bear~

Assalamualaikum. :)

Oh,i'm a gummy bear
yes,i'm a gummy bear
oh,i'm a yummy chummy funny lucky gummy bear
i'm a jelly bear
coz i'm a gummy bear
oh,i'm a moving grooving jamming singing gummy bear

rasa cam nak jadi  bear je la!!
*bukan da jadi ke?

bear BESAR yang hensem la kan??
sekian,terima kasih. :)

jar of hearts~

Assalamualaikum. :)

No, i can't take one more step towards u
cause all that's waiting is regret
don't u know i'm not ur ghost anymore
u lost the love i loved the most

I learned to live half alive
and now u want me one more time

And who do u think u are
running 'round leaving scars
collecting ur jar of hearts
and tearing love apart
u're gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside ur soul
so don't come back for me
who do u think u are??

I hear u're asking all around
if i am anywhere to be found
but i have grown too strong
to ever fall back in ur arms

teraddicted suda.. :P
sekian,terima kasih. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy birthday BESTFRIEND~

Hey u
I know I'm in the wrong
Time flies
When u're having fun
You wake up
Another year is gone
You're twenty-one seventeen

I guess u wanna know
Why i'm on the phone
It's been a day or so
I know it's kinda LATE
but happy birthday

I know u hate me
Well i don't miss u
I know it's kinda late
But happy birthday

So hard
When u're far away
It's LAME but i forgot the date
I won't might make the same mistake
I'm so to blame

Now u know
Don't hang up the phone
I wish I was at home nowhere
I know it's way too late
But happy birthday

It's not that idc
U know i'll i won't make it up to u
If i could i won't be there too

Assalamualaikum. :)
this post is meant for my bestfriend.
btw,it's happy birthday from The Click Five~
changed a little bit there..

selamat hari jadi.
happy birthday.
joyeux anniversaire.

お誕生日おめでとうございます(otanjoubi omedeto)생일 축하 해요(saeng-il chugha haeyo)

sorry for the very late wish.
saw some people had wish u on fb.
told ya to remind me,right??

may Allah always bless u la..
anda sudah TUA!!

i hope that 3222 will start to accept u..
can't help u that much.
but still,
u have to admit that i'm a GOOD bro la kan??

watch this video i found on yt.
cute kan??haha!!
penat cari..

sekian,terima kasih. :)

ouh2.xde public blog.
tulis kat blog ala2 diary ni kira ok la kan?? :P

Monday, January 23, 2012


today i rode the motorcycle.
my sis yang bawa.
i just sat,
reminding her what to do.

rasa cam nak accident juga la.
was about to take over the bike,
bila fikir balik,
alamak!!i don't have the license yet.
x ambil nya pun!!

i never thought that,
i know cara2 nak isi minyak kat
petrol station.

i just sleep or doing nothing,
or just go to the convenience shop,
to buy things that i want to buy la.
x pernah rasa nak tengok cara2 pump minyak tuh.

isi minyak motor kowt!!
senang nak mati la benda2 ni.
macam BASIC ar..

but then,
ada satu benda yang fail.
since i'm a bit violent,
nak unlock the seat tu,
macam susah la kan??
coz the key was supposed to be turned,
dengan begitu lembutnya.

i just pusing dan tekan2 sekuat hatinya.
nasib baik x patah..
kalau x memang x balik la..

tu je la..
sekian,terima kasih. :)

bila nak start buat hw ni??

Saturday, January 21, 2012


so,guess what??

i went to hukm.
got an appointment with my mentor.
after many challenges that we face,
the trip is on..

penat kowt,
jalan pergi balik from pejabat to hall.
pergi counselling room kat 2nd floor,
turun pergi office balik,
then pergi hall balik..
agak seharian juga la buat kerja tersebut.

x dapat jumpa juga..
the prof had an emergency leave.
well,x kisah la..
we did talk through skype,anyway.

as we reached there a bit early,
we get to wander around the hospital la.
cari the canteen,
lepas tanya orang baru jumpa.
my friend sempat check mata lagi kowt!
but,i didn't do la.
done it few days before the school started.

teringin nak makan kitkat haritu,
cari kat kedai bawah,x jumpa pun.
ada kinder bueno je,
but still!!
i bought it la kan??

it's have been fated that,
i'll meet the kitkat in the hospital punya koperasi.
tetiba sayang nak makan plak..

along the journey,
we get to know this NEW counselor,
en hakimi.
cikgu ni baik!
sembang macam2 juga la..

balik from hukm tu,
baru start kemas baju.
i didn't do laundry for a week.
dengan bangganya,
i purposely DID that..

kemas punya kemas,
otw nak balik baru terperasan,
lupa nak bawa charger.
congrats la kan??
until the end of holiday la kan,
baru i keep in touch with my friend?

bukan ke,
i slalu off phone masa cuti ke??
that should not become a problem.

i feel like i suffered from amnesia most of the time la.
forget about many things.
i'm not that old..huhu~

that's it la.
sekian,terima kasih. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

deadly night~

it's a worst night,yesterday.

having gastric.
thought that it won't last long.
but then,
i still feel the pain until now.

malam tadi muntah 2 kali kowt?
habis terkeluar tomyam.
sedap kowt!!
*masa makan la..dah masuk perut??x tahu..

kemuncak peristiwa,
hari ni.
sampai kat kompleks je,
trus gi toilet,
dan mengeluarkan segala isi perut.
masalahnya air je yang keluar.
terseksa kowt kalau muntah air.

makan breakfast.
*2 cubit roti abenda ntah
naik kelas,
gi toilet balik.
terkeluar lagi lalu mulut.

da rasa macam orang bulimia pulak,
asyik muntah2 sahaja.
nak gi PK,
thought of nak minx ubat tahan muntah,
cikgu suruh tunggu pbsm datang,
in the end,
cikgu x panggil pun.
sampai sekarang,
menahan rasa...

makan lunch pun??
terbuang juga..
harap ar,
makan roti sosej tadi,
x muntah da...
penat la..

baca novel 5 tahun 5 bulan,
dah 5-6 kali da baca nya pun..
tapi,rasa nak lagi..
sweet sangat...

bt i learn something la,

1.I'm NOT a philophobia.

2.GUYS made good friends,
but they cannot be trusted
in relationship.

esok naik bus 6.45 am,
LAMBAT nak mati kan??
baru berniat nak bangun 6.30.
dari hari tu x berjaya.

tu je la..
sekian,terima kasih.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

seniority vs juniority~


pernah dengar x ayat di atas??
hubungan dengan Allah dan hubungan dengan manusia.

this ayat means that,
kita perlu jaga hubungan dengan Allah
dan hubungan dengan manusia.

just sharing my thoughts
on hubungan dengan manusia la.

i think,
bila kita kena jaga hubungan dengan manusia,
we have to be good with them.
kena jaga hati mereka,
jangan sampai terasa.

even through our percakapan 
or perbuatan.
tak boleh buat jahat,
atau apa2 yg boleh
mendatangkan perasaan tidak puas hati
mana2 pihak...

talking abt seniority.
i've always wonder la kan,
why do senior kena suruh junior.
bagi tender and all those stuff.

bila junior buat salah sikit,
tegur junior macam diorang buat dosa besar.
bila junior 'rude' cket dengan senior,
mulalah lecture berjam2,
penderaan mental la sebenarnya kan??

bt cuba tgk balik.
if senior 'rude' ngan cikgu,
ada ke cikgu lecture berjam2??
rasanya xde lagi la..
cikgu cuma nasihat sambil nangis2..

contoh ar.
seorang senior kena tangkap sebab
'fly' secara haram,
dah nama masalah disiplin,
mesti ar kena tangkap ngan guru disiplin.

bt then,
senior tu marah2 sebab kena tangkap.
mulalah nak sumpah seranah cikgu.
kira 'rude' ar kan??

ada ke yg nak tegur senior tu??

"kau ni rude sangat ar..kau tahu kan,x baik..bla3...

ada x?
slalunya mesti kawan2 akan cakap cmni..

"betullah!cikgu tu memang _____
bla3!!kesian kau...
and bla3!!"

so,perlulah buat big issue kalau
junior rude ngan kita?
kalau nasihat yg baik2,
ok la juga..
ni dah sampai penderaan mental la..

let me tell u,mr diary,
about my story ar..
sorry kalau boring~

masa form 1 dulu,
i rarely pergi lunch and supper.
*salah satu sebab i kena gastrik ar
breakfast ngan dinner tu sebab wajib,
so terpaksa ar kan?

u know why?
along the route to dining hall,
akan ada banyak bench,
yang slalunya ada senior.
or kalau diorang x duduk kat bench pun,
takut terserempak ngan senior masa jalan2 tu.

well,u might be wondering,
kenapa i don't want to meet the senior.
sebab kalau jumpa senior,
kena bagi salam.
WAJIB tahu nama diorang.
if la kan,
x tahu nama..
memang bersedia je la..

"hey,form 1!!
kau x kenal aku ke??"

then,dia akan suruh anda mencari nama penuhnya..
sampai DAPAT!!!
dan bermula la siri2 seterusnya..
kena panggil gi dorm senior.
sume senior akan pinpoint pasal nama2 mereka.
if berjaya,
but,kalau tak??
korang akan kena 'raging'
habis2an la..

bayangkan ar..
camne nak hafal sume nama senior
yang seramai 400 lebih orang tu??
belum lagi campur batch sendiri.
my relatives pun i x kenal sangat..
nak kenal diorang yg xde relationship with me plak??
tah pape...

i slalu la jugak kena...
tiga empat kali juga la??
in fact,
kadang2 sampai nangis kowt..
imagine this,
anda sorang2,
kena FIRE ngan senior2 anda..

worst thing,
kalau korang kena body touch.
cam tolak ke,
something like that la..
bt i x pernah kena..
my friend pernah la..

that's why i x pernah nangis sebab homesick.
nangis sebab kena penderaan mental je la..
bt now???
i've become tougher..
da rupa gangster pun ada..

since i was a prefect masa akhir form 2,
sampai awal form 4,
mesti ar ada benda yg i have to do kan?
contohnya macam ambil nama latecomers.
ala,orang yang datang lambat ke dining hall or prep tu!

ada skali tu,
i ambil la nama sorang senior ni.
sebab dia memang lambat gell kowt gi prep.
*gell adalah one of bahasa senior T(school)..
kalau 5 minit lambat x pe lagi..
ni 15 minit kowt??
*actually kena ambil nama tepat pada masanya

then,this senior x puas hati.
da la menghabiskan i punya prep time,
sebab tunggu dia.
boleh plak,
she called me to meet her lepas prep tu.

memang KENA punya..
x boleh lepas..
so,masa prep hari tu,
i cried...
memang x suka kalau kena benda2 sebegitu.

dulu kan i mmg x boleh kena marah.
my primary school teacher marah,
sebab i x jadi the MC for that day pun,
i nangis!!
tp,tu sebab i x tahu la..
xde orang cakap i kena jadi..

well,x de la macam ni sangat...

sambung balik pasal seniority ni.
kitorang masa form 2,
memang akan dapat tender,
oleh form 4 dan form 5.
how about form 3??
they're not considered as senior sebab,
beza setahun je..
we don't call them kakak pun..

nak dijadikan cerita.
ada la sorang senior ni,
bagi la tender dekat i.
kalau dia cakap,

"adik,boleh tolong x?"

tu x pe lagi..
i x kisah la..
ni dah la panggil gi dorm dia marah2,
then suruh ambil baju sekolah dia,
gosokkan lagi,
hantar balik betul2 kat almari dia..

memang marah ar kan?
i pun dulu hantar kat makcik cleaner,
makcik yg basuh dan gosokkan and hantar kat my dorm.
*i start berdikari betul2 kat ukm kowt??

tetiba i kena jadi kuli batak,
x berbayar pula..
*i don't expect any upah,ok?
obviously la i rebel kan?
setelah beberapa lama bertahan,
i pun rasa x puas hati la kan..

i gosok la this senior punya baju..
accidentally terbakar.
habis berlubang.
kesian giler.
lepas tu,cakap sorry kat that senior.
dan lepas2 tu??

x kena tender gosok baju da..

masa form 2 juga.
i kena jadi PA sorang senior ni.
hari2 kena kejut dia pagi2,
book kan toilet for dia,
kemaskan bed dia,
macam2 la..

i don't consider that as raging la.
sebab that senior tu buat baik ngan i.
so,i tak kisah sangat.
most importantly,
dia x marah2.
that's why la i try to help her,sincerely.

another story??
masa tu ada latihan rumah.
diorang sume ada games ar camtu.
senior pun marah2 kitorang sebab x sediakan air.
masalahnya manalah kitorg tahu.
even tin glucose pun kitorg x tahu disimpan di mana.

da la bagi masa singkat je,
suruh kitorang cari,
glukos,air,bekas air dan air batu.
disebabkan bekas air yg slalu digunakan tu,
kitorang pun guna la baldi...

tu x pe lagi..
masa air tu da nak siap,
kitorang cari ar senduk..
nak kacau air tu,
cari2 kat dining hall ngan canteen,
dua2 x dapat..

kami pun..

semua pakat basuh tangan bersih2.
then kacau dengan tangan.
kenapa x kacau ngan sudu??
sama je PUN!!
kena masukkan tangan juga,
sebab sudu itu kan kecik..

form 2 yang terlibat buat air tu,
semua x MINUM!!
bukan sebab kotor,
tapi x sudi nak minum..
klaka la..
kira macam balas dendam ar sebenarnya..

skarang ni,
bila fikir2 balik..
kelakar juga..
dan rasa truk sangat sebab sanggup buat camtu.

walaupun i teruk kena marah,
raging dan macam2,
i x pernah bagi tahu cikgu tau!
even warden pun..
i never mengadu to admin..

tetiba nak citer pasal satu benda ni.
masa tu form 2.
dorm atas(form 4)
panggil kitorang sebab nak lecture,
mike kata kitorang slalu tido,
masa diorang nak bagi tender.
kalau x pun,
bila mike panggil urgent,
30 mins later baru kitorang datang.

dah tu,
x kan ar nak suruh kitorang berjaga je??
tah pape..
so,masa kena lecture tu,
i pun bawa la my mp3,
and record sume benda yang diorang lecture.
ayat memang lagi pedas lagi berbisa la.

memula saja je record,
no intention tersembunyi.
sebab kalau senior kacau kitorang lebih2,
boleh la dijadikan bukti,
tapi ada la sorang budak ni.
kesian giler3!!
sangat teruk dia kena..
*ouh.dia sekolah sini sama juga..

kitorang kena panggil lecture pn,
sebab dia kowt?
sebab dia x buat tender ey?
entah ar..x ingat..

dia pun jumpa la dengan warden bertugas malam tu.
then,warden tanya la bukti.
i yang pada mulanya nak stay out of their business,
terlibatlah sama..
coz they want my mp3 yang ada record tu,
a month lebih juga la,
my mp3 dijadikan bahan bukti.

starting from that juga la,
i slalu kena hint.
if senior jumpa i je,
mula la cakap,

"gila budak tech doe!
record guna mp3 kowt!!"

as usual,
bila x tahan..
i pun  nangis la..

what make it worst,
bila batch sendiri
yang PRO form 4,
meaning diorang ada starter or petsys f4,
mula ar isolate kitorang.
but x semua ar pro senior.
ada je yang encourage budak itu.

i harap la that person,
raging form 4 yang nak masuk minggu depan ni.
i hope dia still ingat la,
peristiwa lama dulu.

one of my main reason datang sini,
ni pun sebab i x nak,
i terlibat dengan raging ni kat sekolah lama.
maklumlah,takut terpengaruh dengan kawan.

2 minggu jadi form 4 kat T(school),
i nyaris2 nak raging form 2.
but bila fikir balik,

don't repeat the tradition.

and now,
bila form 4 nak masuk,
i'm scared to death,
i'm scared that i'll repeat the tradition.
i don't want that to happen la.

this post agak panjang la..
*panjang xde tahap!!
but no worry!!
insyaAllah i'll be reading u,
in the FUTURE..

sekian,terima kasih. :)

perpustakaan tun sri lanang~

PTSL is my new home!!
Da x nak jadikan MV or Mines or mana2 jela, 
As my second home. 

 I'm a fiver already. 
X boleh main2 da.. 
*nampak macam lagi main2 je?? 
 Anyway, Semalam lepak ptsl dari pagi 
Sampai ke petang. 
*xde la petang sangat sebenarnya.. 

Most hw da siap.yeay!! 
Tinggal yg group punya je. 
Tp,i've done my part. 
Tinggal nak serah kat mike je la. 

 Dah balik tu, 
Tengoklah personal taste
Kelakar tahap x ingat dunia.
penat ketawa da..
Tp entah pape je...
 X de la logik sangat pun.. 
*tp citer dye tetap sweet.

Ingat nak support budak2 ni main netball,
Tp i've become a dummy sitting on my chair. 
 Wait!! Don't misunderstood me, 
I'm not addicted to k-drama. 
 I still like j-drama, M-drama and even, E-drama,ok?? 
 X caye boleh tgk my laptop. 
Bukannya ada k-drama je. 

 Ouh2!! Malam tadi makan tomyam lagi. 
As usual,i still like the idea of being alone. 
Bt no more tomyam sampai balik rumah!! 
X bagus kowt kata ibu saya.. 
 Bila x boleh makan tomyam, 
Meaning xde tujuan nak turun bawah la kan? 
Nak beli junk food kat kedai asas?? 

Ouh. Sedih pula mau cerita. 
Kalau dulu, 
Masuk kedai asas, 
First thing yg diambil adalah, 
Mr potato la,haishh macam2. 
Choc pn slalu beli dulu. 

 Ya ar. 
Dulu kalau cikgu x masuk. 
Boleh lepak kat kelas sambil makan ramai2. 
Tp sekarang?? 
Da x boleh nya adoi pun.. 
Da xde kelas dah.. Huhu~ 

Kalau makan choc sorang2 or any keropok sorang2, 
Sure x habis nya la. 
I really like choc, 
Bt not to the extent yg mampu, 
Habiskan a bar of choc yg besar itu. 

Even dulu masa my adik2 angkat bagi choc, 
Or my kakak angkat bagi, 
I won't eat all of them myself
Anyway,enough la. 
Ptsl da buka da.gtg! 
Da~ sekian,terima kasih. :)

p/s:tetiba ada spotcheck pagi ni.
buat haru je~
nasib baik x bersepah sangat...


Assalamualaikum. Is it the month of everyone birthday?? Whoa!! Too many people born in january la. It's good tht i have fb la. I can know whose birthday is it today, Just by signing in to my account. The good thing is, I don't have to remember people's birthday la kan? Haha!! After all, No one remember my birthday pn, Why should i remember theirs? *tanda2 orang dengki All this while pn, It's the fb or my friends who Tell me whose birthday on tht day. Serious,x pernah hafal. I memang kejam pn kan.. So,rasa2 nak dapat personal wish frm me tu, *macam ada je Tell me la yek?? Or i won't have the idea tht, It's ur birthday.. Hihi!! Hope tht no one remember my birthday la.. I don't want to be 17. I don't to get older like my kakak. I don't want to be a teen.. *i'm already are pn Most importantly, I want to be kid.. It's more fun ths way... So,da~ Sekian,terima kasih. P/s: One day, InsyaAllah i'll read again ths post. ;)

Update: I'm reading it now on July 13, 2014.
it's been 2 years, i guess?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

7 january 2012~

Assalamualaikum. Today's quite fun. Woke up around 6.30 kowt?? Had shower b4 working on math. Alhamdulillah. Focusing on chemistry Bt fell asleep fr few mins. Watched k-drama. Laughing my brain off... Haha. Wait,on second thought, I do have brain,kan?? Around 2, My dad visited me. Had some fries Bt can't finish it off la. Banyak kowt!! Ada lagi in my room. Haha!! Petang ke dectar. Tgk orang main bola tampar. Don't ask what i did la?? Obviously i just sit at one side.. Ngee~ Otw,JATUH!!!yeay! It's a clumsy guy pn kan.. Since i've always fell down, Da x rasa sakit langsung2 da.. hihi. Well,that's it la.. Da~ Sekian terima kasih. ;) P/s:bola sepak tu best sangat kan??

Saturday, January 7, 2012


it's just 3 days,
and i already can't stand it.

i can't stand la talking so soft,
and being so kind,
and being gentle,
and so on..

that's just not me..
let's just go back to my own self la..
it's more fun pun!!

i don't get it la.
how did they become so pro-girl??
let's just be a guy then..

so,that's it la..
sekian,terima kasih.


These few days,
I’ve been realizing tht,
If we’re not grateful,
Allah will take our happiness away.

I don’t know why la kan.
Bt it seems like,
Lots more problems are coming in.

Let’s take an example.
U’ve been getting free things all these while,
then u start to be picky.
U start to hate certain things,
And like certain others.

But life usually is not like what u want it to be.
Bak kata peribahasa ni,
ku sangka panas hingga ke petang,
  Rupanya hujan di tengah hari

When u take things for granted,
They will eventually leave u la kan..

Back to the example..
Suddenly,everyone start to ignore u.
no one give u free things,
in fact,they even ask for them back.

That must have been hard la kan?
Well,I don’t really want to emphasize on the example.
Just reminding myself je la,
ALWAYS be grateful to what u have,
Coz u’ll never know when they’re going to be taken aback.

DO not complaint.
There will always be some ‘hikmah’ in the end,
If u would be patient la..
So,that’s a reminder fr myself la.
Sekian,terima kasih. J

Personal taste~

So,guess what?
Been watching ths k-drama la..
Kind of funny.
The guy have to disguised as a gay,
Due to certain reasons.

And then,
there’s another guy who love ths guy too.
And another girl who get in the way.

penat ketawa tgk citer ni..

Bt as usual,
k-drama always have a sad storyline.
A girl like the guy
And make him as her best friend.
She even acted like a guy,
As she thought tht ths guy’s really gay.

So,when the guy knows about
His best friend like him,
He told her to stop being friend with him.
Such a tragic story la,
Don’t u think?

ths drama make me realise that,
having a guy or a girl as ur bestfriend is
 just the same la.
       Going to leave u at the end pn!! 
maybe worst, they betray u.. :)

So,that’s it la.

Sekian,terima kasih.

p/s:bt as usual,
citer korea slalu x logik pn..
nt going to happen in real life,i think?