Saturday, January 7, 2012


These few days,
I’ve been realizing tht,
If we’re not grateful,
Allah will take our happiness away.

I don’t know why la kan.
Bt it seems like,
Lots more problems are coming in.

Let’s take an example.
U’ve been getting free things all these while,
then u start to be picky.
U start to hate certain things,
And like certain others.

But life usually is not like what u want it to be.
Bak kata peribahasa ni,
ku sangka panas hingga ke petang,
  Rupanya hujan di tengah hari

When u take things for granted,
They will eventually leave u la kan..

Back to the example..
Suddenly,everyone start to ignore u.
no one give u free things,
in fact,they even ask for them back.

That must have been hard la kan?
Well,I don’t really want to emphasize on the example.
Just reminding myself je la,
ALWAYS be grateful to what u have,
Coz u’ll never know when they’re going to be taken aback.

DO not complaint.
There will always be some ‘hikmah’ in the end,
If u would be patient la..
So,that’s a reminder fr myself la.
Sekian,terima kasih. J

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