Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hari pertama~

So,it’s the first day of school in 2012.
Every year sama je..

During assembly,
Msti ada talk yg ala2 menaikkn semangat.
Well,sometimes it works.

But,when u already have ths high spirit
Suddenly kena marah2.
Well,marah is a form of love.
But if it’s too much,
Boleh melemahkan semangat la..

Well,I don’t really care pasal kena marah pun,
Coz we deserve it.

There’s many changes in the system now.
Have to move frm one class to another class for other subject.
Well,should have provided us with locker.
they said,paling cepat end of ths month~
Or I MIGHT bring my big luggage everyday,
Packed with all books.

Hope tht I can lift up my spirit again la.
But,I need ‘something’ to do tht la..

Sekian,terima kasih. J

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