Saturday, January 7, 2012

Personal taste~

So,guess what?
Been watching ths k-drama la..
Kind of funny.
The guy have to disguised as a gay,
Due to certain reasons.

And then,
there’s another guy who love ths guy too.
And another girl who get in the way.

penat ketawa tgk citer ni..

Bt as usual,
k-drama always have a sad storyline.
A girl like the guy
And make him as her best friend.
She even acted like a guy,
As she thought tht ths guy’s really gay.

So,when the guy knows about
His best friend like him,
He told her to stop being friend with him.
Such a tragic story la,
Don’t u think?

ths drama make me realise that,
having a guy or a girl as ur bestfriend is
 just the same la.
       Going to leave u at the end pn!! 
maybe worst, they betray u.. :)

So,that’s it la.

Sekian,terima kasih.

p/s:bt as usual,
citer korea slalu x logik pn..
nt going to happen in real life,i think?

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