Tuesday, December 31, 2013

throwback 2013~

2014 is coming!!
about 4 hrs left.. haha!!

usually i'll be watching the fireworks on tv,
but since i'm not at home,
guess i can't do that, though..
still remember how new year was like
at my previous house..
the neighbours would light up some fireworks,
and i'll be watching in awe.

it gets too noisy but the scene was nice,
who cares?? haha!!

looking back throughout the year,
i've made so many memories,
with quite a number of people..
some are awesome, some are just so-so..
at times, it was bitter, sweet, sour and bland..
but the most important thing is actually,
the experience..

some of the good things happening this year:

GOT closer with some of the quadp students during asasi.
because we've got less in number, the bond becomes tighter..
conversations become easy..
unlike during school, everyone was like grouping and stuff,

though we may not see or talk with each other in the future,
we start forgetting because we got too much in our mind,
we are still friends.. that's not going to change!!
i mean, people don't throw away their friends..righteo??

    asyik lagu 'sahabat selamanya' je..ye dak??                                       

MEETING new friends, first year medical students..
well, not so many kowt??
just like during school, 
i can only talk casually with my PBL group..
the batch?? haha!!it feels awkward..
still don't know their names,
and i always forgot the one that i knows..
nevertheless, i hope that it'll get better!!ngee~
yeah, i'm this type of person.. so ignorant!!

stressful events??
would be during asasi..
there are some 'isu berbangkit' and 
things that lead to confusion,
anger and frustration..
but it was solved, anyway..

and also it was quite stressful during orientation in september.
because of some personal reasons and other stuff..
haih.. but it's already in the past, 
and again i DID NOT care.. haha!!

korean dramas??
well, watched quite a number..
too much kowt??
because i played around a lot during ASASI,
and lost my roomate (she went to study somewhere),
and plus i got boring, i don't really like studying.
i started to isolate myself and watch kdramas..

i'm not going to make a list of what happen in 2013,
as i don't want this to be really long.. haha!!
it's already too long, durh
but these are some of the things,
that i remember..lalala~

well, i'm looking forward to many things in 2014..
i mean, aren't YOU??

so, that's it..
thanks for reading!

Monday, November 25, 2013

short reunion~

last friday, I went to an event in permatapintar.
kind of a short reunion kowt?
almost half of the batch were there.

I just got so boring and feel so alone.
I feel that I have become distant with them.
everyone's like talking to each other
but me got isolated.

idk why but I did try to have a good chat with them,
i mean, we're schoolmates pun..
but then, the conversation was so short.
after that, i just watched the heirs, of course.

i mean no one pay attention to me.
better if I just indulge myself in the drama.
but someone said that I should socialize myself.
but what can i do kan?
i was under 'that' sort of circumstances.

rather than feeling gloomy and moody,
I was trying to enlighten myself by watching
korean drama.

most people think that i am someone who really
love watching korean drama.
well, that's quite true,
but actually I was running away.
away from all the silence
because people don't talk to me.

i'm nt sombong or mr arrogant.
I just have some ego.
I couldn't start conversation if others don't start first.
i get awkward easily if I do that.

i guess i'm not coming to any reunion in the near future,
if my ex-classmates weren't there.
i hate the feeling of being alone.
i mean, people don't usually get alone,
just because they want to.
sometimes, forever alone is good
but not most of the time.

well, that's it.
so da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)


sungguh berhabuk tempat ni..

 i wasn't so busy pun..
just that i have some stuff to do.

i'm currently working on the group research.
it's part of bridging program for medic student
from asasipintar jan intake.

apart from that,
i've had meetings for HC..
some of the activity that i join
are cinta rasul, tasik kenyir, larian autisme,
as well as another program abt enterpreneurship.

the first 3, i am working under EXCO multimedia.
i'm nt that creative but the thing that I love to do is,
being a photographer.
and it's considered under multimedia.
so I have to join the exco je la kan?

I believe in doing things that I love,
because I can do it right if I'm passionate.
Also, I will not grow bored easily since
photography is what I really like.

anyway, that's it.
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

new chapter~

well, it's been a while since i updated this blog.
u can expect to see spider webs here..

     these are all asasipintar's, may and jan intakes~

life has been hectic, actually.
it all started after i got the offer letter.
nt literally that i received them.
i just found out abt it from the internet..

u see,
when u expect too much,
u'll get frustrated when it didn't turn
out the way u want it to be.
then when u start to accept the heartbroken
suddenly what u expected earlier really happen.

     permatapintar's in ktsn~

that's what i felt when i know i could
enroll into medical school, this year.

at first,
the admin said that all of us can start
our degree a year earlier.
then, they said that it can't be accomplished.
the reason given was because we are still immature.
(only for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy)

     our small reunion...

that time, i was frustrated.
bt i learned to accept.
i mean, i'll get extra holiday la kan??
that's a good thing..
after 2 weeks of relaxing at home,
we were asked to check the offer letter, online.
there it was.
we had to enroll this yr.
and guess what,
we knew abt it like, 3 days b4 we need to register.
we can't really complete the registration procedure,
and we were labeled as 'problematic student'

       meet my PBL group.

even our names weren't in most of the name list.
like the PBL group, MPG and so on..
that's why we kept being with each other,
it'll be easy when something happen,
all of us are together to report on particular things.

and they labeled that we were being proud,
not mingling around with everyone.

after a while,
we did try that.
but i think, our coursemates were skeptical abt us.
maybe they felt insecure abt us being younger than them,
idk, they didn't tell us.

     me at empangan apa ntah nama dia..

i mean, in front of us,
they were like,
"ouh, u guys are young..blablabla"
being so warm and kind.
guess that's just a mask that they wear.

i'm nt trying to point out or badmouth people,
but what do u feel when,
u were walking, maybe to class or cafe,
suddenly u heard somebody that were nice to u,
talking these ways,
"budak2 asasipintar ni macam ni.....blablabla..
permatapintar.... diorang tu dah la blablabla..."

it's obvious that they didn't like us.
of course u don't do things that will annoy them, right?
however, bear in mind!
not all my coursemates are like that.
some are nice.
we don't have problem to socialize ourselves.
maklumlah, hidup berkomuniti kan..

i'm still trying to adapt myself.
trying to study when i have time.
being kinder and warmer,
all those good stuffs,
in sya Allah.

        this was taken at taman tasik titiwangsa...

that's it la.
regarding university life...
i'm not talking big here,
but since i've been with ukm for 3 yrs,
it feels the same.
since form 4, the teachers don't really spoonfed us,

a month before spm,
there was no intensive class or whatsoever,
we just studied on our own.
and with the help of friends, of course.
u should understand that we've been together
since form 4 until asasipintar.
it's quite a long time,
u can expect how strong our bond is.

it's the start of a new chapter,
new books,
new journey,
new semester,
with new people,
nt to forget the old ones..


well, it's raya!!

just got back from kampung..
it was tiring.
the assignments were left, untouched..
what to do..
so lazy ma..
everyone is in raya mode..
how could i be in study mode, durh~

it's the first time,
they said me getting bigger...
usually, they said that i was getting, u know,
less fat?

bt as usual,
many people said,
"yg kedua lagi besar dari kakak dia"
translated in jawa,
"sing loro gedhe"
i know, it sounds funny.

my abah also said,
i'm getting chubbier..
i told my family,
i am leading a happy life..
less stress..
that's why i'm becoming bigger.

i mean, seriously..
my stress has lessen,
and i've got no worries too..
and i've been eating and munching,
most of the time..

Sunday, August 11, 2013

ramadan 2013,done~

well, alhamdulillah.
ramadan 2013 is done.
i hope that every good deeds
that i've done in the sacred month,
will be accepted, in sya Allah.

skipped 8 days this yr.
and alhamdulillah..
diidn't miss tarawih, though...
except fr the days that i couldn't..
of course i didn't la kan..

even though i performed tarawih
with jemaah fr only twice,
bt it's good enough, though.
at least, i did it on my own.

people lose weight in fasting month.
bt this yr is an exception fr me.
haha!gain weight of course..

well, went to hukm 4 times..
bought kfc and subway twice,
and went to bazar once during the trip.
that's one of the reason that i gained weight.

and went to burger bakar twice fr breaking fast.
went to bazar in bangi twice also..
making trips to malls like mid valley and mines..
and breaking fast there..
so what do u expect?
of course la, the aftermath: heavier and fatter..

and nt to mention the moreh as well..
reducing weight failed~

i pray that i'll get to meet the next ramadan.
in sya Allah.

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

home sweet home~

it's full of dust here..

*blow *blow
well, it's better now..

went back home a few days ago.
it was great.
got plenty of food la..
and not the junk food, though..
they're food that can make me full..

people say,
it's more meaningful if u can fast at home,
together with ur family.
well, i admit that's true,
but i think if u're not fasting (if u get what i mean),
and u're at home,
it might be better too!!

got plenty of food,
so what?
at the hostel,
u can't have that kind of food.
therefore, indulge in them..

and the fact that it's ramadan now,
it made me remember about something.
well, i forgot things easily
since my memory ain't that good,
but i will remember the one that left me
quite a big impression..

i did say that i won't do 'that' again, right?
i hope that i won't..
really hope so..
in sya Allah..

i hope that this will be the time,
for a hijrah..
it's gonna be hard to become a better person,
but i gotta try, right?

that's it. so,da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ramadan is coming!!!
in 13 days, yeah!!
idk if i can get through it or not,
but let's just hope that i will,
in sya Allah..

done qada' my puasa,
barely yesterday..
haha! i know.
i was procrastinating.

since 2 months ago kowt,
all that's left is just 1 day
bt i keep on,
"nanti la dulu.."
"sempat lagi ni.."
nasib baik lah sempat..

well, life's been busy.
so that's why i rarely post anything here.
and got nothing to say.

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

Monday, June 17, 2013

friends:PART 2~

so this is the second part of the previous post.

let's start off with this friend.

      #epic edit fail

miss iqa. sab's roomate. rapat sebab dulu selalu serang
bilik sab. suka ambil gambar gak, that's our similarities.
peneman dalam sapphire. sometimes, we think alike.
haha!especially kalau pasal aktiviti sukan ni..ngee~
she likes reading malay novel, just like me. except now
i read less la..haha!all the best, and datang la lagi selalu.
boleh pergi tgk movie sesama, hihi!

mr irfan izzati. i like it when he says hi. it's not that i have
a crush on him or what. haha! the way he says hi is unique.
macam nak berbisik je..haha!lepas ni da xde orang nak cakap
hi da..known him because he wasLeiy's crush.bt that was back
then..ingat lagi, budak k7 suka nyanyi lagu ni..
"pujaan hati...Leiyana Ramly...Irfan Izzati.." haha!and we love
teasing him.it's fun.hihi!sorry for all the thing
that we do la. nanti dah jadi ahli farmasi berjaya (kan??ke x??),
jangan lupakan kami semua..haha!

mr zahwan. well, xde banyak nak citer. bt he's a funny guy.
beliaulah yg mula2 kenakan sab dengan syamil. see? it's not me
who started it first. i was just the one who spread it...hihi!u're taking
undang2 dan syariah Islam right?a lawyer to be? well, all the best
fr that..

mr aiman nurrasyid. idk why bt i think i owe him a lot. because
of him, i know a little bit about lelaki. are they really nice or what.
something like that. u see, i was from an all-girls school, ma!
that's why i was wondering. and mr aiman, thanks
for all the smartphone thing. i was a noob back then. and thanks for
being a good classmate. u always ask me abt how much i get for
tutorial and if i've done the homework or not. thanks, again. :D

can't write anymore..haha!too many people, now..
da malas da..

to others who left ASASI here and go to a better place,
all the best.. may ur path be easier and u get to do what
u want to do..

and to the one who went overseas when we were form 5,

and also the one who did not go to asasipintar,

all the best too!!let's become a great person,
and show to PERMATA that we're worth it.

even though life keep throwing rocks at u,
keep moving forward and don't turn back...

bt u can always look over ur shoulder, though.

and lastly,
to the one that has gone forever,
and meet the creator,
we never forget about him.
May Allah forgive him and place his soul among the
righteous in the Hereafter.
Our prayers are with him and may Heaven awaits him.

that's all..
act, i got bored, so i was looking at all those pics.
i was looking, nt stalking, ok?haha!
and that's how i end up writing this and previous post.

sekian, terima kasih. :)

p/s: sorry, for the broken english and grammar..haha!

friends: PART 1~

been a while since i last updated this blog.
well, as a start,
i'm going to tell u abt my friends.
my 2 yrs and a half friends?haha!
the friends that got away.. :D

let's start with the closest one first.
before that, i must warn u,
it's going to be a very very very long post.

the first lucky person will be,
of course, my roomate!! *cheering

miss ain famieza. known since form 4. classmates since then.
actually, known her since pkms. we were in the same group.
first impression: nampak garang je?bahaya ni..
and KG pun cakap yamada sensei ni garang!! tp sebenarnya
x pun.. jadi roomate ok je..baik je??tengok cerita korea, like
i do..hihi!bt she's kind of a serious person!beware..

coming up next,

mr fakhrul syamil. haha! a good friend. very good one. he
helped me during the form 4 incident. the santau2 kes la..haha!
x pasal2 dia kena kutuk sekali. thanks for that, seriously! bt one
thing je la, kuat merajuk..i admit it was wrong fr me to mock
you and sab, bt all of that was done, for fun!don't take it to
heart la..besides, mana tau betul2 masin mulut kitorang?hihi!!
and btw, u're a very sarcastic person..haha!

miss farah nabila. she's a girl. haha! suka marah2 je kerja. the
best part was bullying her coz she's so rajin..act, she's very
gentle, bt not gedik, la kan?she's a serious person, susah nak
main2 kalau dengan beliau. she gets annoyed easily, haha!!
especially when we teased her with 'that' person. membara
kowt??haha!thanks fr being a strict and serious person. kalau
x, confirm budak2 k7 x terkawal punya!!

kak nuraini? haha!!i love using harsh words with her. pastu
buat muka. she's very sensitive, if u tickle her. and that was
fun..she made me stay awake in class. and masa asasi ni,
i teased her too much. even when she quitted, i made her cry
with my comments. sorry, dear. u know that i don't mean it,
kan? sincerely, sorry for every possible mean thing that i've
done to u. and thanks for everything.

mr izuddin!!sweet...he's really close to farah so we often
mistaken him as farah's bf. haha!very supportive. especially,
when it comes to sab. mungkin diorang dah berjanji untuk
cover each other kowt?a good guy to have a conversation
with. a great guitar player too. really like it when u play the
guitar, when we requested masa camping tuh..haha!sometimes
u can be very serious and frightening. please don't do that.

well, all of u are k7's.and we were really close like brother
and sisters. we even shared secrets, right? please keep the
secrets sampai bila2!haha!kalau nak kira memori tu macam
gambar korang yang ada dalam hard disk apam, memang x
terkira punya la! let's stay as a family sampai bila2!! :)

moving on to my dongsaeng. haha! u're a very good lil bro.
sometimes i wonder, why were u being so kind when people
do this and that to u. bt i know that u always have a good heart.
that's why u can't possibly go against them. don't worry. i'll
keep all your secrets and not spread them. haha! well, i'll admit
it, sometimes u can be a little annoying, especially when u call
me 'panda'!!haishh..bt anyway, stay cool, mr memerang aka
amiz. don't change. just stay the way you are, ok?

miss akmal nabilah or known as anne. thanks for being a good
friend and a good company in sapphire. remember the night
we knew about arwah's death, thanks for being with a
scaredycat person. i know the reason was ridiculous, bt u stayed
with me. really appreciate it. thanks, again. i hope that u'll stay
healthy, less asthma attacks, if possible, i hope that u may not get
them at all. and stop being with too many people at a time, if u
get what i mean.haha!

and now, my bestfriend. mr syazwan. a big applause!!cheh~thanks
for making my life less boring. thanks for eating all the food.stop
having a love triangle with N and E..haha!!find someone new,
dear..and no more triangle, or rectangle or square or any other
polygon!haha!eat more, gain more!seriously!

well, i'm going to continue this post in PART 2.. :D
sekian, terima kasih.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

i'm 18, people~

on 3rd May of 2013,
i became 18 years old.
Alhamdulillah, i'm still alive,
and can make it to this new phase of life.

on the historical morning (for me)
i woke up quite late, around 10 am.
then, i went to the office
to take my parcel.
i've been waiting for my love to arrive,
for almost 3 weeks, i think?
alhamdulillah, i got it on my birthday.
it feels like someone faraway giving me,
birthday present.. :')

at noon,
my parents came to fetch me.
we were going to raub, yeah!
it was my uncle's wedding ceremony there.
not specifically uncle, kowt?
coz he's my ibu's cousin.
so, second cousin maybe??
idk, let's just call him, my uncle.

quite a long distance..
for me,
i think i'm going to find myself,
someone from kedah..haha!!
it sounds so cool..

but nah,
will i get married??
i'm just a nobody..
with a bad personality..
who would like me??
ececeh, buat2 sedih pula..

act, i never think abt this getting married thing.
kalau ada jodoh, kahwinlah.. kalau xde, nak buat camne..
that's why i'm not really concern with my friends,
who have started planning on their marriage.

my nenek memang tak senyum punya kalau ambil gambar..

in fact, in most wedding ceremony,
i only think abt food,
let alone the bride and the bridegroom.
bt obv, i'm not that ignorant la..
i still wish the best for them,
so that their marriage will last for a long time.
cause i think, forever might be impossible..

back to my birthday,
the first person who wish me was my sis.
on instagram/twitter and fb..
she posted the wishes everywhere..
and she included my pic..haishh..
and it was an old, unhandsome one..huhu~

it was supposed to be my abah.
i saw his missed call in the morning.
haha!i slept early la.
however, to make things easy,
let's just say my along did it first.. :)

      budak jambu yang terlampau suka bergambar..

along the way to raub,
my ibu bought 2 slices of cake for me to munch on.
u see,
in my family,
i'm the only one who loves cake really much.
that's why my ibu just bought me a small portion.
coz it was meant for me only.haha!

moving on to the next day,
the ceremony!!
the baju kurung that i wore,
was bought on the night of my birthday,
it's purple, again.. phew~
everytime i look at my wardrobe,
most baju kurung is in purple.
even if it's not fully purple,
there's gonna be purple in it too.
trust me.. :)

i don't really eat the nasi minyak much.
although some of the lauk are,
ayam golek, rendang daging kambing & lembu,
udang, masak lemak nanas and ikan 3 rasa, i think?
well, i was eating at the khemah pengantin,
so i get to eat extra dishes such as udang and ikan.. :)

the smallest portion of nasi that i've ever taken in my life.
haha!!the average one is the usual portion i take.
coz the moment i arrived there,
i saw this small booth having,
choc, marshmallow and grapes.
of course, i went crazy.
i'm a chocolate lover, u know..

so, after eating quite a lot of it,
it was the time for the lunch with brides.
so there was no time for the marshmallow
to be digested properly.
and after having the nasi,
i took the marshmallow again..

my ibu said,
"buat malu je pergi ambil banyak2.."
haha!!when it comes to food,
i kind of lose my insanity..haha!!
especially, chocolate!!

bt to be honest,
i don't really eat much choc.
everytime i start eating the cadbury choc,
i'll end up giving the rest of the choc to others.
idk why but i can't finish them by myself.
if i tried to eat alone,
it might take a week,
or in the end, i will be forced to throw it away.

    what to do, chubby since born, ma!!

on the way back to ukm,
i had indigestion..
padan muka!!
luckily, my nenek brought some ointments with her,
so i used a bit.

u see, everytime i'm having stomach ache or
anything related to stomach,
or maybe period pain,
i use ointment to soothe them.
especially the one that cause extreme hotness.

there was this time when i used it too much,
it caused redness.haha!
luckily, it was not burnt.
it was merely irritation.

and otw back to ukm,
my abah bought me a cake.
i gave half to my adik and take the other half.
my abah told me to eat with my friends..

     orang da cakap da nak beli kek durian2.. :(

u see,
i can sometimes become a vengeful person.
at first, i planned to give it to my friends on that night,
sharing is caring, right??
but they went for outing and left me alone in college.
they didn't even invite me to go with them.
so of course, i was a bit sensitive for that.

i end up eating the cakes by myself.
but earliert,
there were still a few left.
maybe i will finish them up,
but if i couldn't, i maybe need to give to anyone.
or else, i need to throw the cakes away..haishh..

what to do..
i'm a person yang 'makan dalam'
i don't tattletale,
or express my dissatisfaction.
i just keep it with myself.haha!

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

p/s: lepas ni xde la kena halau dengan
      pakcik berbadan besar kat cinema..haha!!

p/s 2: at last, i did throw away my ego,
          and thus shared the cakes... :)