Monday, June 17, 2013

friends:PART 2~

so this is the second part of the previous post.

let's start off with this friend.

      #epic edit fail

miss iqa. sab's roomate. rapat sebab dulu selalu serang
bilik sab. suka ambil gambar gak, that's our similarities.
peneman dalam sapphire. sometimes, we think alike.
haha!especially kalau pasal aktiviti sukan ni..ngee~
she likes reading malay novel, just like me. except now
i read less la..haha!all the best, and datang la lagi selalu.
boleh pergi tgk movie sesama, hihi!

mr irfan izzati. i like it when he says hi. it's not that i have
a crush on him or what. haha! the way he says hi is unique.
macam nak berbisik je..haha!lepas ni da xde orang nak cakap
hi da..known him because he wasLeiy's that was back
then..ingat lagi, budak k7 suka nyanyi lagu ni..
"pujaan hati...Leiyana Ramly...Irfan Izzati.." haha!and we love
teasing's fun.hihi!sorry for all the thing
that we do la. nanti dah jadi ahli farmasi berjaya (kan??ke x??),
jangan lupakan kami semua..haha!

mr zahwan. well, xde banyak nak citer. bt he's a funny guy.
beliaulah yg mula2 kenakan sab dengan syamil. see? it's not me
who started it first. i was just the one who spread it...hihi!u're taking
undang2 dan syariah Islam right?a lawyer to be? well, all the best
fr that..

mr aiman nurrasyid. idk why bt i think i owe him a lot. because
of him, i know a little bit about lelaki. are they really nice or what.
something like that. u see, i was from an all-girls school, ma!
that's why i was wondering. and mr aiman, thanks
for all the smartphone thing. i was a noob back then. and thanks for
being a good classmate. u always ask me abt how much i get for
tutorial and if i've done the homework or not. thanks, again. :D

can't write anymore..haha!too many people, now..
da malas da..

to others who left ASASI here and go to a better place,
all the best.. may ur path be easier and u get to do what
u want to do..

and to the one who went overseas when we were form 5,

and also the one who did not go to asasipintar,

all the best too!!let's become a great person,
and show to PERMATA that we're worth it.

even though life keep throwing rocks at u,
keep moving forward and don't turn back...

bt u can always look over ur shoulder, though.

and lastly,
to the one that has gone forever,
and meet the creator,
we never forget about him.
May Allah forgive him and place his soul among the
righteous in the Hereafter.
Our prayers are with him and may Heaven awaits him.

that's all..
act, i got bored, so i was looking at all those pics.
i was looking, nt stalking, ok?haha!
and that's how i end up writing this and previous post.

sekian, terima kasih. :)

p/s: sorry, for the broken english and grammar..haha!

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