Monday, June 17, 2013

friends: PART 1~

been a while since i last updated this blog.
well, as a start,
i'm going to tell u abt my friends.
my 2 yrs and a half friends?haha!
the friends that got away.. :D

let's start with the closest one first.
before that, i must warn u,
it's going to be a very very very long post.

the first lucky person will be,
of course, my roomate!! *cheering

miss ain famieza. known since form 4. classmates since then.
actually, known her since pkms. we were in the same group.
first impression: nampak garang je?bahaya ni..
and KG pun cakap yamada sensei ni garang!! tp sebenarnya
x pun.. jadi roomate ok je..baik je??tengok cerita korea, like
i do..hihi!bt she's kind of a serious person!beware..

coming up next,

mr fakhrul syamil. haha! a good friend. very good one. he
helped me during the form 4 incident. the santau2 kes la..haha!
x pasal2 dia kena kutuk sekali. thanks for that, seriously! bt one
thing je la, kuat merajuk..i admit it was wrong fr me to mock
you and sab, bt all of that was done, for fun!don't take it to
heart la..besides, mana tau betul2 masin mulut kitorang?hihi!!
and btw, u're a very sarcastic person..haha!

miss farah nabila. she's a girl. haha! suka marah2 je kerja. the
best part was bullying her coz she's so rajin..act, she's very
gentle, bt not gedik, la kan?she's a serious person, susah nak
main2 kalau dengan beliau. she gets annoyed easily, haha!!
especially when we teased her with 'that' person. membara
kowt??haha!thanks fr being a strict and serious person. kalau
x, confirm budak2 k7 x terkawal punya!!

kak nuraini? haha!!i love using harsh words with her. pastu
buat muka. she's very sensitive, if u tickle her. and that was
fun..she made me stay awake in class. and masa asasi ni,
i teased her too much. even when she quitted, i made her cry
with my comments. sorry, dear. u know that i don't mean it,
kan? sincerely, sorry for every possible mean thing that i've
done to u. and thanks for everything.

mr izuddin!!sweet...he's really close to farah so we often
mistaken him as farah's bf. haha!very supportive. especially,
when it comes to sab. mungkin diorang dah berjanji untuk
cover each other kowt?a good guy to have a conversation
with. a great guitar player too. really like it when u play the
guitar, when we requested masa camping tuh..haha!sometimes
u can be very serious and frightening. please don't do that.

well, all of u are k7's.and we were really close like brother
and sisters. we even shared secrets, right? please keep the
secrets sampai bila2!haha!kalau nak kira memori tu macam
gambar korang yang ada dalam hard disk apam, memang x
terkira punya la! let's stay as a family sampai bila2!! :)

moving on to my dongsaeng. haha! u're a very good lil bro.
sometimes i wonder, why were u being so kind when people
do this and that to u. bt i know that u always have a good heart.
that's why u can't possibly go against them. don't worry. i'll
keep all your secrets and not spread them. haha! well, i'll admit
it, sometimes u can be a little annoying, especially when u call
me 'panda'!! anyway, stay cool, mr memerang aka
amiz. don't change. just stay the way you are, ok?

miss akmal nabilah or known as anne. thanks for being a good
friend and a good company in sapphire. remember the night
we knew about arwah's death, thanks for being with a
scaredycat person. i know the reason was ridiculous, bt u stayed
with me. really appreciate it. thanks, again. i hope that u'll stay
healthy, less asthma attacks, if possible, i hope that u may not get
them at all. and stop being with too many people at a time, if u
get what i mean.haha!

and now, my bestfriend. mr syazwan. a big applause!!cheh~thanks
for making my life less boring. thanks for eating all the food.stop
having a love triangle with N and E..haha!!find someone new,
dear..and no more triangle, or rectangle or square or any other
polygon!haha!eat more, gain more!seriously!

well, i'm going to continue this post in PART 2.. :D
sekian, terima kasih.

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