Monday, November 25, 2013


sungguh berhabuk tempat ni..

 i wasn't so busy pun..
just that i have some stuff to do.

i'm currently working on the group research.
it's part of bridging program for medic student
from asasipintar jan intake.

apart from that,
i've had meetings for HC..
some of the activity that i join
are cinta rasul, tasik kenyir, larian autisme,
as well as another program abt enterpreneurship.

the first 3, i am working under EXCO multimedia.
i'm nt that creative but the thing that I love to do is,
being a photographer.
and it's considered under multimedia.
so I have to join the exco je la kan?

I believe in doing things that I love,
because I can do it right if I'm passionate.
Also, I will not grow bored easily since
photography is what I really like.

anyway, that's it.
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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