Monday, November 25, 2013

short reunion~

last friday, I went to an event in permatapintar.
kind of a short reunion kowt?
almost half of the batch were there.

I just got so boring and feel so alone.
I feel that I have become distant with them.
everyone's like talking to each other
but me got isolated.

idk why but I did try to have a good chat with them,
i mean, we're schoolmates pun..
but then, the conversation was so short.
after that, i just watched the heirs, of course.

i mean no one pay attention to me.
better if I just indulge myself in the drama.
but someone said that I should socialize myself.
but what can i do kan?
i was under 'that' sort of circumstances.

rather than feeling gloomy and moody,
I was trying to enlighten myself by watching
korean drama.

most people think that i am someone who really
love watching korean drama.
well, that's quite true,
but actually I was running away.
away from all the silence
because people don't talk to me.

i'm nt sombong or mr arrogant.
I just have some ego.
I couldn't start conversation if others don't start first.
i get awkward easily if I do that.

i guess i'm not coming to any reunion in the near future,
if my ex-classmates weren't there.
i hate the feeling of being alone.
i mean, people don't usually get alone,
just because they want to.
sometimes, forever alone is good
but not most of the time.

well, that's it.
so da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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