Tuesday, December 31, 2013

throwback 2013~

2014 is coming!!
about 4 hrs left.. haha!!

usually i'll be watching the fireworks on tv,
but since i'm not at home,
guess i can't do that, though..
still remember how new year was like
at my previous house..
the neighbours would light up some fireworks,
and i'll be watching in awe.

it gets too noisy but the scene was nice,
who cares?? haha!!

looking back throughout the year,
i've made so many memories,
with quite a number of people..
some are awesome, some are just so-so..
at times, it was bitter, sweet, sour and bland..
but the most important thing is actually,
the experience..

some of the good things happening this year:

GOT closer with some of the quadp students during asasi.
because we've got less in number, the bond becomes tighter..
conversations become easy..
unlike during school, everyone was like grouping and stuff,

though we may not see or talk with each other in the future,
we start forgetting because we got too much in our mind,
we are still friends.. that's not going to change!!
i mean, people don't throw away their friends..righteo??

    asyik lagu 'sahabat selamanya' je..ye dak??                                       

MEETING new friends, first year medical students..
well, not so many kowt??
just like during school, 
i can only talk casually with my PBL group..
the batch?? haha!!it feels awkward..
still don't know their names,
and i always forgot the one that i knows..
nevertheless, i hope that it'll get better!!ngee~
yeah, i'm this type of person.. so ignorant!!

stressful events??
would be during asasi..
there are some 'isu berbangkit' and 
things that lead to confusion,
anger and frustration..
but it was solved, anyway..

and also it was quite stressful during orientation in september.
because of some personal reasons and other stuff..
haih.. but it's already in the past, 
and again i DID NOT care.. haha!!

korean dramas??
well, watched quite a number..
too much kowt??
because i played around a lot during ASASI,
and lost my roomate (she went to study somewhere),
and plus i got boring, i don't really like studying.
i started to isolate myself and watch kdramas..

i'm not going to make a list of what happen in 2013,
as i don't want this to be really long.. haha!!
it's already too long, durh
but these are some of the things,
that i remember..lalala~

well, i'm looking forward to many things in 2014..
i mean, aren't YOU??

so, that's it..
thanks for reading!

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