Friday, February 7, 2014

rasa macam kena tipu je??

well, it's been a while.
got so busy,
no time to update this blog.
(used the free time to watch kdramas, of course)

i suddenly feel like sharing an experience.
i mean, there's a lot of these kind of stories
idk abt that b4 it happens to me
but my story is a bit different,
though the process is kind of the same.

well, it started in december 2013,
don't remember the exact date la..
i was on my way to meet my parents in port dickson.
stopped by times square,
hang out with my friends.
then, i took the monorail to kl sentral,
before continuing my journey to seremban by ktm.

it was obviously not a good day, i suppose?
a lot of things happen on that day..

i was taking the usual route from monorail to kl sentral.
suddenly, a guy approached me and offered a free sim card.

i will be referring the telecom company to 'A'

he said,
"adik, sekarang ni syarikat A tengah buat promosi.
  kita bagi simkad free.. simkad ni macam cubaan la..
  lepas ni kita nak buat produk baru. "

i was like,

"dalam dia ada rm200 free..boleh guna selama seminggu.
  tp adik yg kena pakai, xboleh bagi orang lain.."

so i thought, it was free.. there's no harm in that.
and usually, if u buy a new simcard,
it's obvious that they will be asking fr ur IC.
to register, i think?
so without any suspicion,
i just gave my IC when he asked me to.
and then, he went to photostat at one corner.

a lady then came to me.
asking for my information.
but not everything.
only my mother's name, my current phone number
and my signature. that's it, really!

suddenly, she said that I need to pay,
about rm25??
so i was like,
the guy said different things before..
why do i need to pay?
he said that it's free.
i also did ask a few times to him,
"betul ke free ni??"

well, i'm a stingy person when it comes to money.
unless it's food...
i'm not boasting here,
but if i go around and people ask for money,
i'd rather give the food in my bag than money.
it happens a lot everytime i hang out in kl.
i know life is tough, and though i can't help them with money,
at least they're not starving..hmmm..

back to the story,
since she insisted me to pay,
so i just said,
"xpelah kak.. saya xnak la..tadi kata xpayah bayar.
  lagipun saya nak ke pd ni..takut x cukup duit.."
it's a white lie, but i need a reason not to pay..

she said, i already gave the IC,
and my signature.
so i can't back out like that.
she keep stopping me from walking away.
i was thinking to just run,
but since i already gave my IC,
let's just go for it.

i said to her,
"saya bagi rm10 je boleh? saya betul2 xde duit ni:"
guess i can be a good actress... haha!!
i was really convincing.
besides, it was a sunny day,
and they are working.. i feel pity for them,
so i paid.

i didn't use the simcard,
and it is still intact.
my note 2 need micro simcard,
can't even try to use it,
the size is different.
didn't have time to cut it, either.

about 2 weeks ago,
i got a message from B (current telecom company)

why would I change my telecom provider?
B is a good company..
and it's been years since I've been using the number.
so my dad called B customer service.
they said that my number is still in B.

the next day,
another message came,
and with that message,
i wasn't able to use my number.
no call in/out, texting is also impossible.
the phone just go, "emergency calls only"
i can only contact people by using free aps
that require internet,
wechat, whatsapp and viber.

so i went to B centre.
tried to change back my number from A to B.
after a week, my phone still go,
and then i just called B customer service.
but B said the problem lies with company A.
so I called A customer service,
he said that i must go to A centre,
and bring my a copy of my IC.

so I go there,
the lady said that I have debt with A,
so the request cannot be approved.
i did think of this possibility,
but didn't think that it would really happen to me.

i needed to pay about rm122,
if i want to keep the number.
and if i terminated the number,
maybe i'll pay less than that amount.
i left her and meet my abah..
he can solve this, i thought?

i mean, terminate??
whoa.. i've been using that number since long ago.
don't even remember since when,
and before i used the number,
my dad has been using  it,
it's really an old number..
u said to terminate?

well, i cried of course.
sitting at the bench of the shopping mall.
people passing me would have thought,
"this girl must have broken up with her bf"
i mean, something like that la kowt?
i'm a crybaby so i would cry over these trivial things.
i really love that number, u know.

so my dad paid for me la..
and i got happy, lalala~

but before that, my dad asked her,
my daughter never use the simcard,
how come she has to pay for the bill?
she just said,
"oh, adik, u ada sign itu borang kan? itu borang
  maknanya adik sudah setuju masuk postpaid"

something like that la..
and she said that i didn't ask enough questions
to the promoter who gave me the simcard.
i mean, they said that it's a NEW simcard,
with NEW number, and FREE...
what do i ask more?

i was supposed to share the story only.
but the emotion got involved.
making this post really long..haih.

these are the links of some people who got
cheated too.
found these recently..

HUTANG RM293.75 ??? CELCOM TIPU KAMI !!!! :'(


thanks for reading..

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