Saturday, September 28, 2013

new chapter~

well, it's been a while since i updated this blog.
u can expect to see spider webs here..

     these are all asasipintar's, may and jan intakes~

life has been hectic, actually.
it all started after i got the offer letter.
nt literally that i received them.
i just found out abt it from the internet..

u see,
when u expect too much,
u'll get frustrated when it didn't turn
out the way u want it to be.
then when u start to accept the heartbroken
suddenly what u expected earlier really happen.

     permatapintar's in ktsn~

that's what i felt when i know i could
enroll into medical school, this year.

at first,
the admin said that all of us can start
our degree a year earlier.
then, they said that it can't be accomplished.
the reason given was because we are still immature.
(only for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy)

     our small reunion...

that time, i was frustrated.
bt i learned to accept.
i mean, i'll get extra holiday la kan??
that's a good thing..
after 2 weeks of relaxing at home,
we were asked to check the offer letter, online.
there it was.
we had to enroll this yr.
and guess what,
we knew abt it like, 3 days b4 we need to register.
we can't really complete the registration procedure,
and we were labeled as 'problematic student'

       meet my PBL group.

even our names weren't in most of the name list.
like the PBL group, MPG and so on..
that's why we kept being with each other,
it'll be easy when something happen,
all of us are together to report on particular things.

and they labeled that we were being proud,
not mingling around with everyone.

after a while,
we did try that.
but i think, our coursemates were skeptical abt us.
maybe they felt insecure abt us being younger than them,
idk, they didn't tell us.

     me at empangan apa ntah nama dia..

i mean, in front of us,
they were like,
"ouh, u guys are young..blablabla"
being so warm and kind.
guess that's just a mask that they wear.

i'm nt trying to point out or badmouth people,
but what do u feel when,
u were walking, maybe to class or cafe,
suddenly u heard somebody that were nice to u,
talking these ways,
"budak2 asasipintar ni macam ni.....blablabla..
permatapintar.... diorang tu dah la blablabla..."

it's obvious that they didn't like us.
of course u don't do things that will annoy them, right?
however, bear in mind!
not all my coursemates are like that.
some are nice.
we don't have problem to socialize ourselves.
maklumlah, hidup berkomuniti kan..

i'm still trying to adapt myself.
trying to study when i have time.
being kinder and warmer,
all those good stuffs,
in sya Allah.

        this was taken at taman tasik titiwangsa...

that's it la.
regarding university life...
i'm not talking big here,
but since i've been with ukm for 3 yrs,
it feels the same.
since form 4, the teachers don't really spoonfed us,

a month before spm,
there was no intensive class or whatsoever,
we just studied on our own.
and with the help of friends, of course.
u should understand that we've been together
since form 4 until asasipintar.
it's quite a long time,
u can expect how strong our bond is.

it's the start of a new chapter,
new books,
new journey,
new semester,
with new people,
nt to forget the old ones..

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