Friday, November 18, 2011


heyya guys!
let me get straight to this.
since i'm suffering from boredom,
i've decided to play
"Personality games"

it's nt really a game.
it's more to getting to know my friends la..
it's gonna be,
my KamiGuys,
and close friend.
i mean,i'm gonna write abt them,
until i had enough.

so,let starts with 3566.
a girl.
ouh,she would love to be called pondan.
she had a crush on many people at the same time.

she's sweet.lovely.
my classmate too.
also one of KG's.
head of KG.
she don't really like people
frm pantai timur,
especially those frm kelantan and terengganu.
pahang is an exception.haha!

she loves to read abt current issues,
which is unlikely fr me
coz i don't like to think abt those things yet.
i'm still mumaiyiz,kan??

she loves to sing.
she knows current songs on radio.
she's smart.
she's a happy go lucky girl la..

in fact,
she don't really define problems
the way we do..

i really hope that,
she'll meet a kelantanese guy one day,
and get married with him!
i really2 hope so...

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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