Friday, November 4, 2011

4th november 2011~

heyya guys!!
how do u do??
be healthy,stay safe!!

i'm kind of tired la today..
last nyte,i only slept fr 3 hrs,i think??
sangatlah ngantuk gila..

after sitting fr pj exam
which took an hour,
i've decided to go to class.

on9 fr a few mins.
listening to music.
finding some stuff.

everything seems to be bored.
so,i went to the library la.
otw there,
i exchanged my phone with ths person.
(alamak!!ada video makcik gatal tu..)
then,i remind him nt to open the gallery.
i hope tht he didn't.
i mean,i trust him la..

afterall,he's a good noble guy,
anyway.he wouldn't lie...
i hope so la..

after bothering the people in library,
i went to PK HEM room.

after tht,i went to class
and got so boring.
so,i packed up my belongings,
and rushed back to the library.
sangatlah membuang masa...

sempatlah baca surat khabar selai,
when suddenly these guys ajak gi makan...

lepas da balik kpz,
pack barang and do some stuff,
then,my family came.
bt wait,we're nt going back yet.
we went to kl
cause my sis need to buy some thick medic books,
(tebal giler!!tolonglah faham...)

and then,
we made our way to masjid india.
my mum need to buy something.

and guess what??
banyak nya tudung indon itu!!
ok.i mean,tudung 'nur kasih'??
nak jual ke apa ni ntah..
bt,pape je la..idc pn kan.

so,lpas tu 
trus lah balik malacca.
dan stucked in highway.
sbb jalan sangatlah jam.

so,sampai rumah je,
we had our dinner trus.
sedap2!!ada udang,yeah!!
tp yg penting,
lepas makan,
acara menganyam ketupat pn berlangsung!!
yeay!!raya haji makan ketupat..best2!!

so,that's what i've been doing today la..
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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