Tuesday, November 1, 2011

final exam:part 1-calculus~

so,yesterday, i had calculus exam..

pergh!!susah giler..
penat je study benda yg x masuk.

ok,the exam took 2 hrs la..
the first one hour,
i did my best.
and left 2 q's.

after tht,i felt sleepy
so,i've decided to take a short nap.
u see,
i only sleep fr 2 hrs la kan,
the nyte b4...

20 mins after i sleep,
my teacher came and 
wake me up.
she said,
"just do it!don't give up!"

so,i stare at the questions,
and feel sleepy again.
suddenly,i saw my prof..

ouh.he came??
it's like he's giving me
strength to struggle..

even if i admit tht,
i memang hentam pn..

bt still,at the end,
i left a quest..

so,that's how my day goes la..
oh yup!!
had tomyam yesterday.
with my assistant,fasha.
suddenly,he came and join us..

kata,malas nak turun??
wtv then..
sekian,terima kasih.. ;)

p/s:one thing i like to do during exam,

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