Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 november 2011~

assalamualaikum guys.
whatcha doing?
just drop by to rant on yesterday.

so,what did i do??
watching this drama
called team medical dragon,
the first season fr the 4th times
in my life...

catch a glimpse of the ost song.
the song is nice,
bt the lyrics seem to be inappropriate.
i mean,i can't really understand
what the singer's trying to say.

well,take a look!!

Longing for you day and in dreamI'm hoping you are here and leading my way
You steers my road anytime I needIf you walk away, I will follow you
Trying my lifeWith your secret gifts you gave to meI won't vain and succeed it as your precious soul
Holding your handAnd I'm walking through the all of the world
Carrying your wish like the Venus in the dim sky

see what i mean?
the lyrics are weird enough,
to be called weird.

who cares?i'm weird pun...

enough with the lyrics.
guess what??
i hope that i can be a real doctor
and great cardiologists.
i mean,i really hope to be one.
pray for me,ok?

i mean,i like the heart structure.
i like to hold scalpel too.
i like to see blood.
maybe that was because
i bleed myself too often.
i fell down easily,remember??

ouh.i want to be a handsome cardio like him,

the main character.

i did watch another drama series.
done until episode 10.
currently waiting for episode 11
which going to be on aired tomorrow
on idk what channel.
bt seriously,
can't wait to download that.
it's a funny comedy series,i must say...

i also watch this japanese drama called,
1 litre of tears.
almost cried...
bt wait!!!
i'm a guy who doesn't cry.
really touched my heart.
u should watch that la..

so,at nyte,
when everyone went to this kenduri
near this house,
i stayed at home,
and wrapped up my novels.
my collection is getting bigger!!

that's how it went.
boring and lame..
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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