Friday, November 18, 2011

who needs homework?

heyya guys!!
whatcha doing??
have fun??

ths is the first holiday
tht i'll get through without homework.

i mean,every end of year school holidays,
teachers will gave us
a bunch of  "pakej percutian"
credits to fasha fr that word.

i don't believe ths.
should i celebrate ths??
ouh,i'm so excited to go through
ths school holidays.

i was lying!!
obv,there's homework.
even worst,it's seems to be too much!

some people told me abt 
ths sad news.
that's why i keep switching off my phone.
had enough with those kind of things.

i mean.
c'mon la!
we have just finished our final exam.
shouldn't we get to pamper ourselves first,
gives a little treat to ths selfless mind,
before we start staring at the book again,
and studying
and puking out because of too much readings??

ok.maybe i was exaggerating.
bt honestly,
many people will be like,
"aarghh!!i hate homework.
stop interfering into my life."

to be honest,
i kind of like homework.
especially in ths situation,
where i'm doing nothing at home,
just watching some movies and dramas.
u see,it's getting lame la doing the very same stuff
each day...

so,i can't wait
to meet my lovely friend,
and take my homework and left-over things
which is currently
safe in her care.

dearie you;
thanks fr helping me.
appreciate tht.
without u,i'll end up having BIG probs.
insyaAllah we'll meet at the klcc,ok??
i'm already looking forward to it la.
or should i just go to ur house?
and dearie,
sorry fr burdening u.. 
i'll make it up for that...

my day can't seem to be more boring
and much lame..
i need some idea
abt what to do during ths holiday.

sekian,terima kasih ;)

in the end,
it's gonna be something like ths,

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