Saturday, November 19, 2011


heyya guys.
it's time for 0987.

she's a KG.
she's cute.
we called her sappy.
i'm the one who gave her tht cute name.

i specially called her 'ayam'
cause she speaks like one.
she's a kind girl.
she really loves me.

i mean,
we've been in the same class
for 4 years already.
doesn't tht mean tht she can't let me go?
and bcoz she loves me really much?

bt sorry.
u can't love me.
i love myself too much
tht i can't share my love with anyone.

she had too many scandals.
at first she's with ths guy frm k1.
then,someone else had a crush on her.
and now,
she's with 3456.

i'll come to him later la..
she's a freak out girl.
she gets scared easily.
she always think tht she's right.
can't accept people's opinion.

she can't be a troublemaker,
cause sometimes she's so naive.
bt who cares pun?
she's a good friend,
so,what's wrong with her being so innocent?
we don't give a damn pun...
(hey,that sounds like my best friend blog)

so,i hope tht,
she really truly get married to 3456.
they're so sweet.
and i hope tht,
she'll stop HAUNTING me..
nah,just kidding.

ouh btw,
few days ago,
she said tht 3456 looks like aaron aziz.

i mean like,
u've got to be kidding me.
he's NOT!!

enough talking abt her.

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