Saturday, November 19, 2011


heyya guys.
meet 3222...

she's a soft-hearted girl.
sometimes,a crybaby.
a very pretty girl,i must say.
bt then,
she lacks of height.
in simpler,
she's kind of short..

she's very kind too.
she's sweet.
she's naive too,
same like 0987.

bt,she's better.
(sorry 0987)
she freak out easily bt
she still can join us,
doing some mischievous things.

i mean,c'mon.
most of KG's are teenagers.
(i'm a mumaiyiz,remember?)
of course la,
we need to do some sort of stuffs,
to spice things up,right?

she had 2 crush in our school.
one is her current bf,
which she usually said,
"kawan je"
bt dearie,
we know that it's more thn that.

another crush is my best friend,
i'll talk abt him later la..
(ok.too many people tht i've to write abt)

so,3222 like to hide her personal stuffs frm us.
bt,usually we'll get to know abt tht pun..
i mean,what secret can u hide?
u can't do tht,seriously!
i mean,nt frm us...

i'll hope tht she'll be with his sweet bf.
i mean,they look great together.
both of them are short...(hihi..)

as fr my best friend who had a crush on 3222,
i'm sorry dear.
he's closer to her thn u...

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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