Friday, April 5, 2013

kegilaanku kesibukanku~

quite busy fr the past 2 weeks..
macam2 assignment la..
dan macam2 quiz,
memang banyak gila!!

i don't really study fr those quizzes,
so, after the teacher had corrected the paper,
they gave back the paper to us la..
as usual, my marks are just so-so..
and sometimes it's below the average..
often, i would be laughing,

it was a way fr me to release the stress,
and all those pessimism..
that's why i don't really care
about marks that i get in each quiz.
i've done my best,
maybe not really the best,
bt it was all in the past pn kan??

it's not like i can go back to when
i answer the quiz pn..
this is not the same like the, "FAITH" korean drama..

but sometimes,
i feel down too..
especially when u see ur friends get quite good marks..
of course, u'll be like,
if they can do it, why can't i??
and in the end might end up blaming one own self.
haha!!that's why i prefer the laugh at urself method..

rather than having other laugh at u,
it's better if u laugh at ur own self..
seriously, try it!! :)

apart from the assignments and quizzes,
i currently having sleep deprivation..
my group and I didn't sleep last night.
we were working on litapp assignment..

we've done presenting..
got guite good feedback from the viewer..
at least, all the efforts didn't went into the drain..

and now i'm so very sleepy.
but since i have litapp quiz tomorrow,
i cannot la sleep now..
need to study first..

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

p/s: sejak belakangan ni asyik bertweeting,
berFacebook dan berInstagram..ngee~

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