Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ward, again?

so my dad was admitted again into hospital.
last week, my dad was admitted at the same
hospital too, but he checked out after 3 days.
and that's how he managed to send me here.

        in my case should be 'ex-army'

can't wait to go back..
last week, i went home, unplanned,
taking the bus at BTS, all by myself..
since I was taking extra precaution,
I ask a friend of mine to accompany me.

he just got into accident few days ago, i think?
he fell down, idk where..haha!!
get better soon, dear.

and my ibu asked me,
why didn't I ask my bestfriend to accompany me?
haha!!i laughed and said,
"ouh, he never fail to turn me down"
then, my ibu will reply
abt how busy he is and blablabla,
trying to back him up.

but anyway,
I think he's going to stop being friend with me soon.
haha! I know cause I can feel it.
but of course i wouldn't care.
leave me or stay, do wtv u want.
it's not like i'm going to stop my friends,
from leaving my side.

back to my story,
last time i checked, my dad was having serious cough.
there's blood and he kept waking up at night.
my nenek also have almost the same symptom.
and the doctor said there's nothing wrong,
when my nenek went to see a number of physicians.

And when my dad was examined by the doctor,
they said that it was because of infection,
but after a week the cough is still there.
so, my dad went to the hospital again,
and was admitted.

it's not that i didn't take care of my dad,
but waiting at the hospital is quite boring.
unless when there's something to do,
like eating, watching or playing.

u see,
i have never been admitted to hospital.
Alhamdulillah, i'm that healthy.hihi!
i always pray that my families will always
be healthy like me too. :D

that's how it goes.
and guess what?
can't even study at the hospital.
haha!!i ate and tried to study,
then i fell asleep.

and da~
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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