Wednesday, April 17, 2013


this week has been quite hectic for me.
had petronas interview on saturday.
and got final exam this week.
and yesterday was mara test.
and tomorrow got jpa interview..
i wish I am more relaxed than i am now..haha!

let's start with the petronas interview first.
went there with my parents.
credits for them for coming here and sending me there.
it was a good experience for me, i think?

      panjang giler beratur, siap u-turn kowt?

i'm not so friendly to approach anyone first.
it's not because of ego,
and not because i am sombong, neither.
i'm just a bit shy,
and not so outgoing.
however, when people approach me first,
i will do my best in communicating with them.

and there i was,
alone all the time,
got no new friends,
and didn't get the same group like my other asasifriends
who went there.
and guess what?
my small group consist of 2 chinese, an indian and me,
a Malay??

all of them was speaking in English of course.
and me?
i do not like English, if u know myself well.
it's not that i hate it,
but it was because i fail to speak in English,
most of the time.
it's whether people can't understand me OR
i can't find the right word to explain to them.

the interview was beyond expectation.
i thought it would be very hard.
but they only ask me about...

1.introduce yourself
2.why do you choose geophysics?
3.What is geophysics?
4.The difference between geophysics and geoscience?

that's it..
and then it was the time to present my idea to them.
they only listen, and do not really ask
questions, most importantly,
no difficult questions!!
so it was quite fun.

and there's this test.
the IQ test.
the question was quite hard, though.
one, maybe because it's in English,
so it took times for me to understand,
and analyse critically.

two, i was in zombie mode,
so my brain couldn't function really well.
and there's math test.
not really hard,
alhamdulillah i still remember some of the how-to-solve

i don't think I will be granted that scholarship,
cause I know there will be others much more
greater than me.
so, of course i would lose.
besides, physics is really hard.
i can't cope well and that's how i got A-
apart from the, xde rezeki nak dapat better than that.

i went there with one intention,
to get experience,
so i'm not really hoping for anything la..

and yesterday,
I went for IQ test by Mara.
haha!!most are only logical,
and the personality test part,
u need to think carefully which answer would u choose.

for example,
when u choose A, what would the other person
analyze u for..
and the business questions??
haha!hentam saja la..
idk la..why did they ask them?
i ran away from the simposium,remember?

and met my school friends there.
but since the distance between us was quite far,
it was awkward for me,
and i think, for them too.
so i didn't really stay with them.
i just leave their group.

and that was when my bestfriend wechat me.
and when he stopped,
i got bored, so i texted my bestfriend
who was in terengganu.
i think he's back here already, bt not sure.
then, there's this auntie besides me,
and we chat a little.
she asked me abt school and blablabla

idk why,
but ever since i started secondary school,
adults love to talk to me..
bajet je..
maybe i was talkative or they can see how friendly i am,

during those days,
when I went to the hospital,
u see, i frequently visited the hospital when i was in school.
it was not because i was really sick,
but i was a little sick.
sometimes, i need to reload my inhaler,
and sometimes, i have the gastric,
causing me to be less productive.

like today, i've been having gastric since this morning.
so i just lie down the moment i'm in my room.
i thought it was because of the, u know,
the period pain, but it was not.
of course, i know the difference between them.

back to the main story!
got JPA interview tomorrow.
i applied for petroleum engineering.
idk why but that was the least i could think
apart from medicine.

i really hope that I'll get MARA scholarship.
I really wish to do Medic.
With my current academic phase,
i don't think i'll get to do Medic here as
it will be hard to get 4 flat.

please pray for me,
i really want that MARA scholarship.
I really really really really want it.
in sya Allah, amin!!

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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