Friday, February 3, 2017

8th day: Gimpo Airport, Incheon, KLIA2

11th August 2016

Nothing much during last day. Just took flight to Gimpo, luggage from storage, and took flight back to Malaysia. Had lunch at the fast food (7500w for shrimp burger), not sure where the halal restaurant is located at incheon. Met another group of friends; F, A and W. We took the same flight from Malaysia, also the same one back but we did not travel together. Lol.

Refunded the T-money, only spent 30000w roughly so got extra 20000w. Yeah!

Total spent in Korea : rm2132 
Flight AA + luggage + meal : RM800 (700++, don’t remember)
Refund : rm74

Final total: rm3006 (without snacking and shopping)

The currency rate was rm3.73 for 1000won. I exchanged rm2700 and got 729000won instead.

Honestly, the whole expenditure was sponsored by my beloved abah (hehe!), including flight ticket. I did try to save money but I couldn't. Haha! Tipu je pakai duit sendiri, susah payah kumpul duit la. 😂

Well, I think my budget could be improved if you really want to go very backpacker style, around rm2500? I am quite flexible cause I spent when I think I should. And I actually spend a lot on expensive things like zipline, kickboard, teddy bear museum. And also my budget included one meal a day outside. That's cheap, I think. I don't go starving, I cannot do that. 

Plus, I don't really need to watch out for my expenditure, so the trip was really fun! I did a few reading on Google and you can't possibly spend only rm3000 on a trip to Seoul and Jeju Island. Therefore, it was a success! Yeah! (Well, maybe there is, but it must have been a different itinerary compared to us)

I did buy a lot of facial masks, facial product and kpop merchandise so that's a separate issue. I'll surely go there once again, in sya Allah, solo trip. But not in the nearest future la. I want to go to the other two most wanted places, first. It was 8days trip Seoul and Jeju Island, from 4th-11th August 2016. I planned the itinerary myself, referring from other people tips and writing. And did the tour on our own.

I hope my writing could help any of you who want to go to Seoul and Jeju.

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