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5th day : Everland, Myeongdong

8th August 2016, Monday

We got out of studio early around 6.30am, took Line 2 to Gangnam and wait for the bus to Everland. The queue was long for 7am so we took the one at 7.30am. It took roughly an hour from Gangnam to Everland, cost was 2100w one way. Can also take subway but had to change a couple of times, and there’s also a special tour but that cost a bit. The bus does not reach directly to Everland, had to take shuttle bus to go to Everland or Caribbean Bay. 

                                      not sure but i think these were ticket counter

Bought ticket to Everland a month prior at 11street, paid rm95 per person. It was actually 100++, but I use coupon to have them cheaper. If not, had to pay 48000w, around rm178. what a bargain, I think? And one advice I would give, should bring the name card pocket that can be hang over your neck, cause you need to show the ticket everytime you’re taking any ride. It not, you got to pull out from own pocket and show and keep it safe each time. Such a hassle juga la. Though wearing that dangling thing could be dangerous as it can fly away on the ride.

                                        remember that runningman episode?

Another tips is that, do not play the T express in the morning. Too many people, and got to queue really long. Me and N tried it around 11am and was queuing for almost 2 hours, but the other 2 girls  went for the ride after 2 and they barely need to queue. I was feeling nauseous and getting headache, if not, I would definitely play that again. Didn’t really need to wait long for other rides, maybe around 10min-1hour? 

                                           waiting for t-express

                                       that evil thing.. 😑

And there’s a prayer room in Everland, it’s mixed for both gender. So someone need to keep watch in case there’s a guy who wanna pray. It’s located near the haunted mansion. As for lunch, I had shrimp burger from the fast food place. I would not say it’s halal, so eat at own discretion again. And my friend said that DO NOT eat the ketchup there, cause it’s not halal, contain traces of pork, if I’m not mistaken.

Another ride tips, do not go for double rock spin as your 1st ride. Really spoil your mood. It’s fun but I almost throw up after that ride. And I need few minutes to recover before going for next ride. Another ride to watchout is the rodeo ride. There were not many people playing that, so I tried. I ended up taking a short nap at a bench in front of the ride. The world is spinning and I thought I suddenly have benign positional vertigo (BPPV). Lol.

And that’s the place I lose my beloved shades that abah bought me 3 months prior for my birthday. R.I.P shades.. Haih~ Rolling X-Train was quite fun. Let’s Twist was funny, the staff even sings. Haha! Hurricane was not that thrilling. Mystery mansion was a bit boring. Really. Actually, I was scared cause I thought some ghost were going to pop out our something. So I keep on shutting my eyes. But my friend told me nothing scary throughout the ride. And there’s a rifle (senapang) during the ride, but I don’t know what was the function. Lol.

                          This animal was communicating (sort of talking) with the bus driver. 

I didn’t take on all the rides, but did tried most of it. I got too nauseous, tired, dizzy and even got sick that night. I had high-grade fever. I thought my brain must have been boiling, that night. Since the next day we were supposed to go to Jeju, I ended up taking Panadol, as someone who does not like taking medicine.

My mates did not want to bring their luggage to Jeju, so they stored them at Raon luggage storage, near exit 7 Hongik University station. It’s nearer to AREX line. If not mistaken, it was 10000w per luggage. I don’t have other bag so I just bring my luggage with me to Jeju. I would advice that it’s better if just sent the luggage to delivery service. Later on, just claim the luggage at Incheon/Gimpo Airport. But need to add 15000w for delivery charge. Baypax also offer much cheaper rate 23000w, but need to book online.

Demam2 pun boleh jalan lagi. After sending the luggage, me and N went to Myeongdong to buy a few things. She bought some facial product, while I bought some souvenir for friends and also someone asked to buy the honeystring candy.

Almost got into fight with my travelmates. Actually, I already asked the owner about the earliest taxi in front of the building. He said that, the service usually started at 5am. So I was planning not to book the taxi for the next day. However, I was a bit pissed off when that friend keep on asking me to book for the taxi. I was sick and also I have already told her that there was no need to do that. However, I did gave her the contact number required cause I don’t want to be blamed when things go wrong the next day. You know, maybe the taxi in front of the building is nowhere to be seen, suddenly. 

So, that’s how my day goes. Into the next day… 

Total : 4200w (bus) + rm95 (everland) + 7200w (burger) = rm137

Did you see it? We went to Myeongdong thrice!! Lol. I'm starting to grow fond of that place.

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

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