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7th day: seongsan ilchubong, seopjikoji, manjanggul cave, maze

10th August 2016, Wednesday

We planned to go see the sunrise, supposed to be at 5.50am, however, all of us can’t seem to wake up. After those 5 hot nights (refer 1st day), we finally get to stay at a place with aircond. Me and N eventually woke up at 6am then we go direct to Seongsan Ilchubong, though we passed the time for sunrise. 

It’s written there that people who come after 7am, must pay 2000w but luckily we came before that, don’t have to pay. I think I took an hour to go up, N got to the top first. I told her to just abandon me cause I surely take longer times. Not fit enough, I need few rests along the way. 

                                                        not really taken from the top. Maybe halfway?

After the tiring hike, we later went to Seopji Hanyeouijip Restaurant, located about 15min from Seongsan Ilchubong. It was a bit difficult to find the place. The phone number brought us to other different place. We wanted to just give up, but suddenly this one auntie was kind enough to show us the way. She went with us, riding the car, but later she just walked on her own to her house. We’re really grateful as she help us though she does not speak English. 

                                           dekat dengan laut.

                                       eja guk tapi diorang sebut 'juk'

Had crab porridge for breakfast. The portion is big. One bowl can be shared by 2 people. It taste like crab, but it really does not match my palate. I don’t want to eat that again. Both of us couldn’t finish the food as it was too much. 

After that, we went back to guesthouse and saw the uncle at the mart. We were looking for banana uyu (milk) but he does not have it. Instead he gave us the coffee. I checked with halal app, but it seems there’s nothing wrong with the ingredients. And the coffee was not so strong, my stomach’s good. 

subhanallah. so pretty.

Checked out at 10am then we went to Seopjikoji, parking rate is 1000w. Ride the horse there for 20min, 5000w. It’s just riding in circle, but I never ride one, so it was ok. Bought grilled octopus 7000w and shared it with N. But we couldn’t finish it. It’s really, freshly grilled. Maybe? I don’t think it was marinated. Actually, this place is not that far from the place where we went for breakfast, so it’s like making a u-turn. Lol.

kesian kuda ni kena bawa kita yang berat. πŸ˜”

Wanted to visit Songeup Folk Village, but we couldn’t find the place. We instead found Jeju Folk Village but there’s an entrance fee of 10000w so we decided not to go in. After all, I’m not much of a kampung person. Hihi. So we went to Manjanggul Cave, it’s cool in there, feels like they have aircond. I mean, I once went to Gua Tempurung and Gua Kandu in Malaysia, and it was not that cool. It’s dark and after getting inside, you need to return back to the entrance using the same route you used when going inside. 

After that, we went to face the heat at Gimnyeong Maze Park. 

                                      Ring the bell once you got out. 😜

Thank goodness that the maze is made of trees so it was not that hot. There’s a map of the maze that will take you 10mins but to challenge myself, I did not do that. I think I took half an hour or less, alone. And this place got a lot of cats at the entrance. The fee is 3300w. 

Since it was Asr already, we checked in into our guesthouse. The house was super nice. We got a room with double queen mattress and a clean toilet. The tv in the room was quite clear and large. I also get to watched tv with the owner at the common room. Booked from Agoda, Jeju Gillime Pension. There’s another pension near the one that we stayed so we actually mistook that one as ours, at first. 

The owner was really nice too. He thought that we did not drive ourselves so he offered to drive us to the nearest restaurant for dinner. He even ordered for us some raw fish bimbimbap with ‘sup telur ikan’ (?) , I’m not sure. He ordered 2 set for us and we shared them. Paid 10000w per person. We already told him that we can only eat seafood, and cannot eat/drink alcohol.

x berapa kena tekak kita, tapi habis juga last2 tu. Raw fish tu x boleh makan (xboleh terima rasa dia), tapi bibimbap no problem.

                   met this friend from China travelling alone. She stayed at same guesthouse with us.

After the dinner, all of us were looking for mart to buy banana uyu to bring back to Malaysia. It was very cheap in Korea, 4 bottles only cost 3800w. I bought once in this Korean mart in Ampang, and one bottle cost almost rm10. So, we returned to the pension to take the car with us and googled around that there’s a large Martro which is not too far. 

I bought 4 carton with me, and we put them inside the box outside Martro. We kept the wrapped box in the fridge at the common room and turns out someone like it and took one of the bottle. Maybe they thought that the drink was prepared by the owner. After the uyu things settle, we went to MangoSix Cafe to try the delicious mango coconut featured in The Heirs. Well, the one featured was the branch in Gangnam but the taste is the same, anyway, I think so. We also refuel the car for 38000w.

Total : 10000w (porridge) + 250w (parking) + 5000w (horse) + 2000w (cave) + 3300w (maze) + rm68 (pension) + 10000w (dinner) = rm181

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

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