Friday, February 3, 2017

4th day: Namsan, Myeongdong, Itaewon, Hangang

7th August 2016, Sunday

We actually planned to go to K Star Road, Gangnam, Apgujeong-Rodeo Street and Garosugil in the morning. However, we instead went to Namsan tower (couldn’t go during 1st day). This time we took the taxi from Myeongdong station, 2500w each, to cable car station. So we do not have to take the Namsan orumi. Ticket for return cable car was 8500w however using apps Seoul Pass, I only paid for 7500w only.

Tower require another 10000w but all of us did not go for it. You can still see Seoul from the base of the tower, also, not much thing to be seen in the morning up there. 

At the base, there were place where you can put your love locks that can be bought for 3000w. However, I bought mine in Malaysia, and it was really cheap. I just lock it there. Lol.

Make a guess? Who's K? 😒

                                                                             Kita kunci kat tepi tangga ni lah. 😎

After that, we walked to Myeongdong, and shop some more. At the underground shopping area, there were a few, cheap kpop merchandise shop. Bought a few things there. And along also asked for some triplets merchandise. Calendar 7000w, button badge 1500w, poster 10000w, and other album as well as postcard.


At this moment, we were separated into two, me and N, and then the other 2. From there, we went to Itaewon for lunch in groups of 2. Me and N went to Makan Halal restaurant and the waiter is a Malay lady. It cost 10000w each for lunch. After that, we went to Itaewon Seoul Central Mosque to perform prayer. They do provide telekung (prayer garments) there. Female area is at 5th floor (not literally but had to take unending stairs). It was too tiring to go from the 1st to upstairs only to find out that there was no ablution area up there. 

The best thing at the masjid is that, the toilet got pipe!!! oh yeah! haha! Met a Dr furthering her study in Korea, there, had small talks with her. And I do want to be like her. I am going to further my study to South Korea in the future, In sya Allah. After the prayer, I took a short nap as it was a tiring day, cause all we did was walking. 

Then, all of us meet again. And we went together to Hangang Park, to ride the bicycle. I don’t know if the bike rental closed on weekend or no one rent a bike these days, so me and N decided to rent the kickboard as it looks awesome and fun. 

The rate is 12000w per hour. I wanna ride the hoverboard but the staff at the rental told me that it’s not for beginners like me. So, I end up playing the kickboard. 

                                      couldn't play this one.. 😔

No worries if you never used it, the staff will teach you the basics. Although I almost ended up running into N as I accidentally pulled the throttle hard. The other two decided to go back to studio early but I want to see the pretty Banpo Rainbow Fountain so N decided to go with me. We walked for almost half an hour as we took the wrong stop. Google lied to us. Please do not do the same mistake like us. And it's not that pretty, I think? Haha! Maybe other place have better illumination or something. 


Again, I had kebab that night but this time, I took on chicken kebab which cost 4000w. Then, we went back to studio. I also do my laundry at midnight since I do not have clothes to wear. I brought only 4 pairs of day clothes.

Total : 7500w (Namsan) + 10000w (lunch) + 12000w (kickboard) + 4000w (kebab) = 33500w

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

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