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3rd day: bukchon village, palace, insadong, cheonggyecheon stream, dongdaemun

6th August 2016, Saturday

So, we start our day quite early. Reach Bukchon Hanok Village around 8am something. 

Most of the shops were still closed. I was actually searching for the photo spots but only found a few of them, and all of us got tired to go around anymore. So we just wasting time, waiting for Changdeokgung Palace to start the first English-guided tour at 10.30am. Passed by this shop selling kpop merchandise at the village. Mates bought few things there. I wanna buy the burung hantu doll (in the Heirs) there, but it was too pricey, 40000w and converted to RM, almost rm160? And it’s not that big pun. But other things were quite cheap. 😆

At Bukchon Hanok Village, there were lot of hanbok rental shop offering 10000w for an hour. However, it was still closed when we were there and it’s scorching hot that morning, so we decided not to rent them. And yeah, wearing hanbok to the palace will allow you free entry. 

The English-guided tour last for an hour. I was not really paying attention to the guide cause I was too tired to walk further. I just go see few of places I saw in Korean drama, and just wait at each of the entrance that the guide will pass through. Semput, serius! Then, we went for tour at Secret Garden(still inside palace), booked online a month earlier but actually there was no need for that, I think. I didn’t even need to show the booking printout. Entrance fee for both was 8000w.

From the palace, we walk to Insadong area, looking for place to have lunch. Went to Insadong Sujebi Restaurant, it’s a seafood and vegetarian restaurant. And they did not add alcohol into the meal, as I asked the owner earlier. However, eat here at own discretion, it was not halal-certified. Sujebi is a claypot, traditional korean noodle soup. 

                                                      the door is a bit hidden.

They have the usual and spicy flavored one. Do not order too many bowl. Just order one sujebi, and it can be shared for 2-3 people. 6000w per pot. I also ordered haemul pajeon (9000w) and shared it with N. And yeah, the shop is quite hidden. Remember that it was not far from Samziegil.

We just pass through all the shops there, and stop for a while at Ssamziegil. 


Bought poop bread. I think it was 1000w for 2 pieces. It’s just a pastry looking like poop, with chocolate filling. I asked the seller if it had any animal origin/alcohol but he said no. So I just trust him for that. Actually, it’s not really that tasty. Maybe I was full from the lunch or it was really not that sedap. Idk.


After that is the starting point where I got separated with my travelmates. The story goes this way. I was actually looking around at one of the shop, and I lost track of them. So I just made my way up to the rooftop since my friend said that they’ll be going up there to buy the poop bread. There’s also a cafe up there. However, after waiting for a while, I did not see them, so I thought they left already. Because there was no place to sit there and there were too many people up there, I decided to take a stroll around Insadong. I felt like I would be wasting time waiting for them. However, I grew bored walking there so I took a sit near the street going towards subway station. Since the next place require used of subway.

                                                 They can speak Indonesian... 😉

However, after waiting for almost half an hour, they told me that they were already at the train station. I was like, “but I didn’t see you guys passing through this road?”  And the place I was waiting at was not that far from Ssamziegil. They were actually at another subway station not far from the area too, just that, it was not the one I was closer to. I ended up having solo trip around Seoul since then.

                                     somewhere near KTO. I think I saw it in kdrama.

I went to Insadong Information center. Maybe I ate too much the day before, so had a little bit problem with my bowel movement. I was looking for toilet, that have bidet or pipe(nowhere in Seoul). The center also got musolla prayer. There were quite a lot of activities there, but since I was short on time, and I also promised my travelmates to meet at Dongdaemun, I did not do much there. Haha!

From there, I walked along Cheonggyecheon Stream and saw a lot of locals dipping their feet in the stream. Some of the kids even swim around, but of course I did not join them. I was completely in tourist mode. Even went to Gwanghwamun Square and see all the monuments there. 

At that time, there was some sort of memoir or protest done in regards of Sewol tragedy, if I am not mistaken, I wrote down my (not real) name and got a cute ribbon as a token of appreciation. Then, I went straight to Dongdaemun and had my souvenir shopping there. I was quite occupied with trying to find my travelmates so I did not get to have dinner at Dongdaemun Grilled Fish Market. 


I think Pyeonghwa Market is a good place to buy cheap souvenir. I did not get to go to Namdaemun so I was not sure if there got much cheaper things. 10 keychain around 10000w, socks 1000w to 2000w per pair, chopstick, tshirt 5000w. However, this building closes early. I arrived there around 5pm and most of them already closed except a few souvenir shop. I managed to meet my mates and we went back together. I was hungry so I wander around Hongdae area near the studio, and had some halal lamb kebab at Istanbul Kebab. It was quite cheap, only 5000w. 

Halal Malaysia, beb!


busking/street performance.

Total : 8000w (palace) + 8000w (lunch) + 1000w (bread) + 5000w (kebab) = 22000w

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

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